About Managing Subscriptions in Alexa Smart Properties in Senior Living

Once you have created a unit under your organization (e.g. representing your property), you can assign a subscription to it so that all endpoints in units created under the property can get intended features, experiences and policies. Each subscription is a pre-defined skill. To enable the senior living subscription for your property, use the Skill Management API with the senior living skill ID from list below. Note that, subscriptions can only be enabled on level-one (L1) unit i.e. direct child unit of organization. We refer to this level-one unit as property in the rest of the documentation. No further hierarchy can be created under a property until a subscription has been enabled on the property. You can enable any of the available subscriptions for the properties in your organization. Any given property can only have one subscription associated with it at a given time. Any units you create under the property going forward will automatically have the subscription applied to them. If you wish to remove all subscriptions, please work with your Alexa Smart Properties contact for next steps.

Country Skill ID















Prior to subscription enablement, you can perform following actions on the property unit.


Senior Living Subscription

Alexa Smart Properties in Senior Living subscription gives you access to the following Alexa features and capabilities.

  • Audio Calling to Alexa devices and up to 10 external phone numbers
  • Video Calling to Alexa devices
  • Inbound Calling from external contacts who have been granted permission - See Inbound Calling
  • Music, along with Explicit Lyrics Filtering
  • Notifications and Announcements
  • Smart Device Discovery and Control using voice
  • Bluetooth Device Discovery and Connectivity using voice
  • Alarms, Reminders, Timers and To Do Lists
  • Daily Briefing and Information
  • Do Not Disturb Mode using voice
  • Accessibility Settings on devices with screen via voice

Following capabilities are blocked or not allowed in the Senior Living subscription:

  • Shopping
  • Sidewalk
  • Settings on devices with screen

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Last updated: Jul 28, 2023