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What's New?


Introducing Amazon Common Software for Devices: Accelerate Your Adoption of Amazon Device SDKs

Today, we are excited to announce Amazon Common Software (ACS) for Devices (Preview), an optimized software for integrating Amazon Device SDKs on your devices. We use ACS in Amazon devices, including the Echo Dot (3rd generation) and the Amazon Smart Oven. Now you can use it to accelerate integration of Amazon Device SDKs on your devices and bring them to market more quickly and cost-effectively. You can use ACS on Amazon-qualified reference platforms, such as ESP32 and Raspberry Pi 4, or integrate it on the hardware platform of your choice. ACS supports both FreeRTOS and Embedded Linux operating systems. Apply today to join the ACS preview.

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Introducing Amazon Common Software for Devices (Preview): Accelerate Your Adoption of Amazon Device SDKs
Create delightful and interactive visual experiences for TVs and set-top boxes with the Alexa Smart Screen SDK

With the general availability of the Alexa Smart Screen SDK, it is now easy for device makers to build products for television experiences that complement Alexa voice responses with rich visuals. Device makers can now quickly bring feature-rich and differentiated TVs and set-top boxes to market.

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Introducing AVS Integration for AWS IoT Core – a cost-effective solution for developing Alexa Built-in devices

We’re excited to announce AVS Integration for AWS IoT Core, providing device makers a cost-effective way to create Alexa Built-in products. AVS for IoT Core lowers the cost and complexity of integrating Alexa voice capabilities into your product by offloading memory and compute intensive tasks to the cloud, while providing enhanced device security, management, and analytics using AWS IoT Core.

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AVS Supports Hindi; US Spanish and Multilingual Mode Coming Soon

Alexa now supports voice interactions in Hindi; US Spanish is coming soon. Starting early October, we are also enabling Multilingual Mode, which allows Alexa to switch between two languages. Alexa will automatically understand the language from user-spoken utterances and respond in the same language. Ask for the weather in Spanish, and Alexa will reply in Spanish. Multilingual Mode will be available in three pairs: English and Spanish in the US, Indian English and Hindi in India, and Canadian English and French in Canada.

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