Launch Your Device

Alexa Connected Devices

Launch Your Smart Home Skill

If you've built and tested a skill to enable customers to control your smart devices using Alexa, you're ready to submit it for certification. After your skill passes certification, it will be published in the Alexa Skills Store for your customers to discover and use. There, your skill can reach tens of millions of customers through devices with Alexa like Amazon Echo, Echo Dot, and Echo Show. Refer to our Smart Home Skill Publishing Guide to ensure your skill meets the special certification requirements for this skill type.

Submit Your Products for Certification

Regardless of whether your device connects to Alexa directly, locally, or in the cloud, you can submit your products for testing via the Works with Alexa program. When your products are certified, they can carry the Works with Alexa badge in the Amazon Smart Home Store and on product packaging. You can also apply for the Certified for Humans program, a certification and marketing program for Alexa-compatible devices to help customers discover high quality smart home products that work simply and dependably.

Learn more about Works with Alexa
Learn more about Certified for Humans

Measure and Refine

Evolve your skill and your products over time to add new features and enhance the customer experience.

Gather User Feedback

Whether you provide a smart home skill, smart home products for sale on, or both, check for user feedback. Learn what customers like best, and what additional features they’d like to see.

Gain Insights from Usage Data

Dive into skill usage data on your metrics dashboard. Analyze data points and visualizations on customers, sessions, utterances, and intents. The Alexa Developer Console provides visibility to change reports and processing errors encountered with them in near-real-time.

Level Up with AWS Promo Credits

Add new functionalities and evolve your skill using Amazon Web Services. And apply to receive in AWS promotional credits if you incur AWS usage charges for your skill.

Take Your Next Step

In the Cloud

You can connect your device cloud to Alexa using the Smart Home and Custom Skill APIs. Alexa alerts your skill when a customer wants to control your device, and your skill and cloud service then send instructions to your device over the internet.


You can connect your devices to the new Echo Show and Echo Plus using Zigbee, or using other smart home hubs. Alexa communicates with the hub over the internet, and the hub communicates with your device.

On Your Device

You can integrate a hardware module designed by Amazon on your device using the Alexa Connect Kit, or ACK. Alexa communicates with the ACK module over the Internet, and the module communicates with your device using a serial interface.


Build fun and delightful accessories that pair to compatible Echo devices via Bluetooth using the Alexa Gadgets Toolkit. The Echo sends event information to your device including timers, alarms, and text-to-speech (TTS) wordmarks.