About Alexa Smart Properties in Healthcare

The Alexa Smart Properties in healthcare subscription gives you access to the following Alexa features and capabilities.

  • Audio Calling to Alexa devices and up to 10 external phone numbers
  • Video Calling to Alexa devices
  • DropIn Calling from devices within the property who have been granted permission. See DropIn APIs
  • Music, along with Explicit Language Filtering
  • Notifications and Announcements
  • Smart Device Discovery and Control using voice
  • Alarms and Timers
  • Daily Briefing and Information
  • Do Not Disturb Mode using voice
  • Accessibility Settings on devices with screen via voice

Following capabilities are blocked or not allowed in the Healthcare subscription:

  • Shopping
  • Sidewalk
  • Settings on devices with screen
  • Bluetooth Device Discovery and Connectivity using voice

Policies and Restrictions

Refer to Policies for Alexa Smart Properties in healthcare.

Skill IDs

To enable the Alexa Smart Properties in healthcare subscription for your property, use the Skill Management API with the skill ID from the following list.

Country Skill ID



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Last updated: Nov 28, 2023