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Amazon offers numerous ways to increase exposure for your products with Alexa built-in to the millions of customers who shop on every day. As an AVS developer, you get access to unique marketing benefits that make it easier to integrate the Alexa brand into your marketing strategy such as inclusion in the Alexa Built-in Storefront and marketing assets. Plus, you can take advantage of the range of services and merchandising tools available to vendors and sellers on Explore our marketing guidelines and benefits below to learn more.

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Brand Compliance and Best Practices

Terms and Agreements

All developers creating products with Alexa built-in must adhere to our terms and conditions. Familiarize yourself with the Amazon Developer Services Agreement and the AVS Program Requirements in preparation for launching your new product.

Marketing and Brand Guidelines

Our Brand Guidelines provide you with an overview of how to integrate the Alexa brand and messaging into your promotional materials, packaging, and out-of-box experience. Assets that use the Alexa or Amazon brand must be submitted for approval.

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Alexa Built-in Badge

Use the Alexa Built-in Badge in your online and offline marketing activities to associate your product with the extended family of Alexa devices. The familiar logo helps you reach more customers who are looking for Alexa products, gadgets, and services.

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Alexa Built-in Storefront on

Alexa Built-in Storefront on

We regularly add products that launch with the Alexa Voice Service to our Alexa Built-in Storefront on The Storefront is our merchandising hub where we feature Alexa Built-in badged products with exciting customer experiences. Throughout the year, we drive traffic to the Storefront, increasing visibility for your product and surfacing it to customers shopping for Alexa experiences.

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A+ Detail Page on

Your product detail page on is your digital retail associate. It’s dedicated space that you can use to educate your customer about the benefits of your product and of Alexa. You can enhance your detail page with A+ content to add additional product information, branded content, and images that highlight your product’s benefits. A+ detail content is a simple way to provide an exceptional customer experience, and it has been shown to increase sales by an average of 11%.

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A+ Detail Page on
Amazon Vine Program

Amazon Vine Program

Amazon Vine allows you to submit your products with Alexa built-in for review by trusted Amazon customer reviewers prior to launch. Create confidence for your new product with high-quality reviews ready at launch. Reviews are an important source of information for customers shopping on, with 76% of customers saying that they find Vine reviews helpful, higher than for non-Vine reviews. Additionally, reviews positively impact SEO rankings on

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Participation in Promotions

Customers love for its product selection and amazing prices. It’s what brings people back for all their shopping needs. Submit your product with Alexa built-in for participation in a variety of promotional opportunities that increase visibility and potential sales, including Best Deals, and Lightning Deals. We recommend aligning price promotions to major events, such as Prime Day, Alexa’s Birthday, and Black Friday/Cyber Monday, and to key pulses in your product’s lifecycle.

Participation in Promotions
Amazon Marketing Services

Amazon Marketing Services

Amazon Marketing Services (AMS) enables you to reach new customers through targeted, performance-based marketing solutions on, increasing visibility for your product. You can launch advertising campaigns that target ads to customers based on search keywords, complimentary or competitive detail pages, or shopper interest categories. Build ads quickly and easily–no design or technical expertise needed. Best of all, you only pay for what drives shopper clicks.

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Whether you’re preparing to launch a new product with Alexa built-in on or looking to increase sales momentum throughout the year, Amazon offers a number of marketing capabilities that help you reach your target customer base. Make sure you read through our marketing guidelines, and then click the link below to get started with the promotional tools and services.

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