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Alexa Built-in is an enhanced marketing program that incentivizes developers and device manufacturers to provide high-quality, Alexa-integrated products, ensuring your customers have intuitive hassle-free Alexa experiences. When your product fulfills the requirements, it can carry the Alexa Built-in badge on Amazon detail pages, increasing customer confidence in your product and driving higher conversion. Badged products also receive increased visibility within Amazon search results and are included in our Alexa Built-in Storefront, benefitting from ongoing programs designed to drive traffic to this Storefront. Only Alexa Built-in products are eligible for additional co-marketing opportunities such as onsite merchandising, email campaigns, and prominent online storefront positioning. Alexa Built-in badging is also available for inclusion in your product packaging. 

How it Works

Complete the security and testing requirements and receive the Alexa Built-in badge. Certification for Alexa Built-in products consists of four tests: Functional, UX evaluation, Music, and Acoustic. If your product meets all testing requirements, it will advance to the eligibility verification phase of Alexa Built-in badging.

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Why change from Alexa Enabled to Alexa Built-in?

We are clarifying our messaging from Alexa Enabled to Alexa Built-in to make communicating the Alexa product functionality on devices more intuitive for customers.

What if my packaging already has the Alexa Enabled badge?

We are gradually phasing out the Alexa Enabled branding across online and offline positioning. We are providing a grace period between launch and June 30, 2019, for all device makers to remove Alexa Enabled from their marketing and advertising campaigns.

How does this program help ensure quality?

Your products will be comprehensively tested by our certification team prior to launch, which helps ensure that they meet a high-quality bar. Additionally, we conduct a continual audit of customer satisfaction measures including, but not limited to, product reviews, product star ratings, Alexa registration, and engagement with Alexa on the device. Your products may be disqualified from the program if they do not provide an optimal customer experience.

If my product has the capability of both Works with Alexa and Alexa Built-in, which badge should I use?

To simplify the communication for customers, if a device has the functionality and meets the requirements for both programs, it is recommended that Alexa Built-in badge be used as it signifies the most functionality.

If my product has the capability of both Works with Alexa and Alexa Built-in, can I have both badges?

We will only surface the Alexa Built-in badge on detail pages to simplify the customer experience. For offline packaging, though we recommend defaulting to the single Alexa Built-in badge, both badges may be used on packaging if a product passes the testing for both programs.