How to Design for In-Skill Purchasing

Wrapping Up & Resources

By now you should understand the basics necessary to design a skill with in-skill purchases and the best practices to write and surface effective upsells, design simple flows and let customers easily access their purchases.

As you begin work on your next skill, approach the design using the techniques you’ve learned throughout this course. Your customers will thank you!

Food for thought:

Throughout this course, we covered a lot of information about how to scope and craft our upsells based upon the content we offer. The content that you decide to offer will dictate the scenarios that you’ll have to account for. Each new piece of content will increase the complexity because you’ll have to think about when and how to craft your upsells. For that, we recommend using Situational Design since it’s suited to handle the variations of free-form conversation. To get started using situational design check out the Situational Design landing page.

Once you’ve published your skill, you’ll need to grow your customer base. Covering the ways to promote your skill were beyond the scope of this course, however, we did cover all of the best practices necessary to be eligible for Amazon Promotion. For information check out Best Practices for Building an Effective Monetized Skill That Is Eligible for Amazon Promotion

Advanced Conversational Design Resources:

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