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Alexa for Apps: Send to Phone

How Send to Phone (S2P) Works to enhance in-home experiences     

Add the Alexa for Apps API to your custom skill to connect highly engaged customers on hundreds of millions of Alexa-enabled devices, to your apps and websites. Your skill can then provide customers with key information on a device in the home such as an Echo Dot, and offer to send a link to get more detailed information, or complete a task in your app or website.

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Great ways to use Send to Phone

There are three great use case patterns where Send to Phone brings a lot of value to customers in the home: Complementary Information, Enhanced Search, and Completing a Task in an app or a website.

Complementary Information

Provide key information by voice. Then follow up with an offer to view detailed information best served in an app or a website. Show an interactive map, view order details, and more!

Enhanced Search

Quickly begin searches with voice. Transition to a mobile app or website to browse, select, and/or complete a task. 

Complete a Task

Trigger any functionality in your app that is deep link enabled. Start a workout, begin a recording, or change settings... the possibilities are endless!

Iberia Airlines

Iberia Airlines: Using Send to Phone to assist customers from inspiration to destination

Send to Phone Case Studies

Below are videos from our Alexa Live launch partners, and how they plan to use Send to Phone to create a great voice plus app ambient experiences for customers at home.

Complementary information

Like the companies below, you can use your skill to provide key information to customers by voice, and then use Alexa for Apps to offer a link to additional details in your app or website.

McDonald's UK

Customers can ask for deals to be sent to their phone.


The Husqvarna skill for Alexa provides information by voice on the mower location, and links the user to the app to see the interactive map.


Customers can interrupt and say "Send to Phone!" when they hear something interesting.


The Lysol skill for Alexa by Reckitt and Vixen Labs, lets customers track cases of the flu in their area, and will use Send to Phone to link customers to an interactive map in the mobile app.

Yahoo! Japan

The Yahoo! Japan Navigation Transit skill for Alexa, lets customers get a link sent to their phone, that they can refer to later at the train station.


Claro lets users hear data on their wireless plan, and easily follow-up in the app to see more details!

cookpad logo

See how Cookpad is stirring things up in the kitchen with Send to Phone!

Complete a Task

These partners use Send to Phone as a follow-on action to voice, or to complete a task started on an Alexa-enabled device in the home.

Question of the Day

Thryv started with Alexa for Apps on mobile and is expanding to support any Alexa-enabled device. They'll use Send to Phone to enhance their local search use cases.

Song Quiz

The Song Quiz skill uses the Send to Phone feature to allow players to connect their games between Alexa devices and their mobile phones through the Song Quiz app. By using Send to Phone, friends can preserve win streaks and scores across devices.


Sainsbury lets customer to quickly begin searches with voice, transition to their mobile app to browse, select, and checkout.

Diageo Talisker Logo

Diageo plans to use Send to Phone to send a call to action that extends into the real world with their Talisker brand.

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