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Alexa for Apps

How Alexa for Apps Works

Enable customers to quickly get to key content and functionality in your app, just by asking Alexa. It’s easy to add voice-powered deep links to your custom skill which connect to your iOS and Android apps.

You can create two types of experiences using Alexa for Apps. It’s great to provide both types of experiences for your customers, using the same API.

Voice Shortcut Commands

Use the API to create a robust voice-forward experience, or use the Shortcuts no-code builder to create simple voice commands in minutes.

Learn about voice commands for your app

Send to Phone

Send to Phone lets you enhance voice experiences on non-mobile devices such as an Echo Dot, by connecting to content in your apps and websites on a customer’s phone.

Learn about Send to Phone


Create voice commands for your apps with Alexa for Apps

One of the ways you can use the Alexa for Apps API is to create voice commands for your app. This lets mobile customers who have an Alexa built-in phone, Echo Buds, Echo Frames, or other Alexa-enabled mobile accessories to get tasks done in your apps and websites, hands-free. Customers can then interact with your skill on their phone to quickly search, view more information, and access any functionality in your app, hands-free.


Quickly begin searches with voice. Transition to a mobile app or website to browse, select, and/or complete a task. 

View More Information

View additional complex information best displayed on screen. Show an interactive map, view order details, and more!

Access Functionality

Trigger any functionality in your app that is deep link enabled. Start a workout, begin a recording, or change settings... the possibilities are endless!


Create voice commands for your app in minutes, with no code required

The Alexa for Apps Shortcuts no-code builder lets you create Alexa voice commands for your mobile app or website in minutes, with no code required. These mobile-focused commands you create with the no-code builder will also get a basic experience on Alexa-enabled devices in the home. W.W. (formerly Weight Watchers) Shortcuts will help mobile customers log their meals, Alexa Shortcuts from Fandango will help you find movies in your area, Zoom Shortcuts can join and start meetings, Mint commands let you manage your finances, and ClassPass Shortcuts let you find classes in their app to help you stay fit! To get started, click on “Apply for Developer Preview” and specify the Shortcuts no-code builder as the use case. Once you’ve onboarded, create a new skill in the Alexa Developer Console, choose the skill model called App/Website,and provide information about your app or website!


How TikTok is using Alexa for Apps to control their mobile app


Example Skills that Control Apps


TikTok created a first-of-its-kind experience for their platform with Alexa, offering voice-activated search and navigation in the app powered by Alexa. Mobile users can ask Alexa to search for videos, find music, and start a recording!


The Twitter skill now allows customers to consume tweets in the app, just by asking Alexa. Mobile users can also compose a tweet by voice and search content in the app!

Yellow Pages

Local search is what they do at the Real Yellow Pages. With Alexa for Apps, Thryv was able to easily launch their first Alexa skill to connect voice searches to the Yellow Pages app.


Alexa for Apps was a natural fit for SONIC. By making it as easy as asking Alexa to find nearby locations and discover what's new in the app, they keep friction out of the way of their customer's appetite!

Volley FM

Volley is using Alexa for Apps to allow customers to configure and continue their listening experience in their app.

Words with Friends Word Pop

Zynga's Alexa skill, Word Pop, allows players to have a Words with Friends experience, in the world of voice. Alexa for Apps creates a bridge between their voice game and their mobile game, Words With Friends 2.

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Key Features on mobile

With Alexa for Apps, you're in control with a variety of user experience options for requests that start on a mobile device.

Mix Voice + App

It's up to your skill when to send a deep-link request. Create the right balance between voice and app that serves your customers best.

Easy Deep Linking

Choose from four different deep link types. If you already have existing deep links, there's no need to modify your app.

Choose Where to Fallback

If a customer doesn't have your app installed, you can take them to your website for a continued experience, or take them to the app store.


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