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Alexa Healthcare Skills

We’re excited to announce that the Alexa Skills Kit now enables select Covered Entities and their Business Associates, subject to the U.S. Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA), to build Alexa skills that transmit and receive protected health information as part of an invite-only program. Six new Alexa healthcare skills from industry-leading healthcare providers, payors, pharmacy benefit managers, and digital health coaching companies are now operating in our HIPAA-eligible environment. In the future, we expect to enable additional developers to take advantage of this capability. If you are interested in getting updates, fill out the form below.

Healthcare Skills for Alexa

New Healthcare Skills from Industry-Leading Healthcare Providers

Eligible employees with one of Cigna's large national accounts can now manage their health improvement goals and increase opportunities for earning personalized wellness incentives.

“With our industry-leading voice skills, we are meeting customers where they are – in their homes, in their cars - and making it simpler to create healthier habits and daily routines."

-Stephen Cassell, Senior Vice President of Global Brand and Customer Communications, Cigna

Members can check the status of a mail order prescription and can request Alexa notifications when their prescription orders are shipped.

“We are trying to make it easier for people to make better informed health care decisions. In particular, we believe voice technology, like Alexa, can make it easy for people stay on the right path by tracking the status of their mail order prescription, helping us further solve the costly and unhealthy problem of medication non-adherence.”

-Mark Bini, Vice President of Innovation and Member Experience, Express Scripts

Parents and caregivers of children in the ERAS program at Boston Children's Hospital can provide their care teams updates on recovery progress and receive information regarding their post-op appointments.

“Boston Children’s Hospital has long believed that voice technology has the potential to substantially improve the healthcare experience for both consumers and clinicians. The My Children’s Enhanced Recovery After Surgery (ERAS) skill allows patients and caregivers to easily share recovery progress with their care team post-surgery.”

-John Brownstein, Chief Innovation Officer, Boston Children’s Hospital

Customers can find an urgent care center near them and schedule a same-day appointment.

“Voice is going to be a big part of the future in all areas of our lives, including health and healthcare. We’re excited to be one of the first heath systems in the U.S. to build Alexa skills that help our patients connect to our providers and get faster access to care. We’re innovating around how consumers experience and access health care”

-Aaron Martin, Executive Vice President and Chief Digital Officer at Providence St. Joseph Health

Customers in North and South Carolina can find an urgent care location near them and schedule a same-day appointment.

“Our goal is to provide our patients with the best care when and where they need it. We fundamentally believe that voice technology like Alexa will help make health care more accessible and easier to understand for our patients.”

-Rasu Shrestha, M.D., MBA, EVP and Chief Strategy Officer at Atrium Health

Members can query their last blood sugar reading, blood sugar measurement trends, and receive insights and Health Nudges that are personalized to them.

“Livongo’s goal is to leverage innovative technologies to create a world-class member experience. We believe that voice technology will have an impactful role in helping our members better manage their chronic conditions, and health in general.”

-Jennifer Schneider, M.D., M.S. President, Livongo


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