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Voice for Health and Wellness

Alexa provides a suite of tools that it make it easier and convenient for you to develop experiences that will help your customers manage their health and wellness. Health and wellness organizations can use Alexa skills to help their customers establish healthy routines, share information about their services, and keep their customers on track with their health and fitness goals.                                                                                                         

Healthcare happens where people are. Alexa HIPAA-eligible skills connect healthcare organizations to their customers through immersive voice experiences, using protected health information.

Healthcare Skills for Alexa

What Are Alexa HIPAA-Eligible Skills?

HIPAA-eligible skills are Alexa skills that Covered Entities and Business Associates subject to HIPAA launch through our developer program.


If you want to receive updates about this developer program, or share your interest to create a HIPAA-eligible skill, please complete our contact form.


What Can Customers Do With A Health and Wellness Skill?


Refill a Medication

“Alexa, refill my medication”


Create a Mindfulness Practice

“Alexa, start my daily meditation”


Access Information

“Alexa, find a provider near me”


Take Assessments

“Alexa, start my daily check in”


A Trusted Voice Service for Healthcare

Alexa implements specific administrative, technical, and physical safeguards for protected healthcare information processed by a HIPAA-eligible skill. For example, when your customers use your skill the words they say will not appear in their voice history. In addition, your customers will have the same transparency and control over their privacy that they experience with all Alexa skills and Echo devices. 

We have a standard Business Associate Agreement between you and Amazon that you agree to for each HIPAA-eligible skill. 


Frequently Asked Questions

What legal agreements do I make with Amazon to create and publish a HIPAA-eligible skill?

All Alexa skill developers agree to the Amazon Developer Services Agreement. In addition, HIPAA-eligible skill developers agree to the Alexa Skills Business Associate Agreement for each HIPAA-eligible skill.

Are there requirements to develop and distribute a HIPAA-eligible skill?  

In addition to meeting our general Alexa certification requirementspolicies, and security requirements, your skill must meet all requirements for skills that are HIPAA-eligible.

What is a public skill?  

public skill is a skill that is published in the Alexa Skills Store for any customer to find and enable on their Alexa device. 

If I publish a public skill, can I control what customers have access to my skill?  

You can require that customers use account linking to authenticate before they are able to use your skill. You can learn more at Account linking and the user experience in the Alexa app.

I have already developed a skill that I want to be HIPAA-eligible. Can I contact you about that skill?

You can can tell us about that skill on our contact form. You cannot submit a skill that has already been published. Note, if you want a skill that you have already published to be HIPAA-eligible, you must create a new skill but may use the same source code. The proposed skill must still be accepted into the program and the new skill must meet all requirements for skills that are HIPAA-eligible. Once you say that the skill will handle protected health information and agree to the Business Associate Agreement, your skill will be subject to all requirements for skills that are HIPAA-eligible and it cannot be undone. 

Where can I learn more about HIPAA?  

The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services HIPAA for Professionals website is a good resource to learn more about the U.S. Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA). In particular, you may be interested in the summary of the Privacy Rule which defines Protected Health Information (PHI) and Covered Entity and Business Associate