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Moments FAQs

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) provide answers to potential questions that developers may ask about the Moments product or integration of the API.


Q: Are all Amazon Appstore developers eligible to use Moments campaigns?
Moments supports developers from all countries except South Africa, Albania, Saudi Arabia, Russia, and Switzerland. Moments support also excludes developers from countries on the US embargo list.
Q: Does my app need to be published in the Amazon Appstore to use Moments?

No, Moments is a cross-platform service that works on any technology for which you have an HTTPS connection. Examples include iOS, Google Play, Amazon Appstore, Web, Smart TVs, Streaming Players, and Gaming Consoles

Q: Who does the customer contact if their product isn't delivered?

Your customer can contact Amazon customer support.

Q: What data can I retrieve via the rewards API?
You can retrieve a text description and image URL for the reward, and the number of rewards that remain available. For details, see Rewards API and Rewards API Endpoints.
Q: How do I find out the number of redemptions that my customers made?
Moments is a cost per action (CPA) pricing model, so we can provide the number of completed actions. We cannot share reward-redemptions data because we consider that to be customer private data.