Configure Billing

Use the Moments Console to manage billing for your Moments actions.


After you create your first campaign, you are prompted to add a payment method before the campaign will be approved to go live. Only users with administrator permissions can update a payment method. Please make sure the address in your company profile matches your billing address.

All campaigns that are created with this Amazon account will be billed to the administrator payment method.

There is a monthly Total Budget limit of $5,000 USD per campaign and $15,000 USD per Moments account. To increase your spend limit, please contact our support team.

Billing administrator

For your security, the Moments Console restricts the users who can update the billing method. Note the following points:

  • When your account is first created, the first Administrator who updates the billing method will become the owner of the billing and payments configuration.
  • The Administrator that set up the payment method first will be the only user that can update the payment method.
  • If you're not an administrator, please contact your administrator to update the payment method.
  • If a new administrator needs to update the payment method, contact Amazon Moments to request a transfer of the billing and payments to the new administrator.

Billing timing

Moments will charge your credit card on the first of each month for all activity in the previous month.

Billing tasks

As described in the Overview section, only the billing and payments administrator can configure the billing information.

The Bills and Payments tab displays the credit card and address of the active card associated with your Moments account.

When you first display this tab, the billing method may default to the credit card that you entered in the Amazon retail site.

You can configure multiple cards on your account, and chose the active account.

Configure a credit card

To add a new card:

  1. Click Add a card in the Bills and Payments tab.
  2. Enter the card number, expiration date, and name associated with the card.
  3. Click Add your card.

Tax Registration

If you select a new address, you may need to input your VAT number.