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Corona releases new GameCircle plugin
October 21 2014

Game developers using the Corona Labs SDK can now integrate GameCircle into their Android games using this new plugin, which incorporates all GameCircle 2.x functionality, including Whispersync for Games 2.2. Find more information here, including links to the plugin's download page and documentation, plus a roadmap for adding GameCircle to your Corona projects.

Fix for the GameCircle Friends API getFriendIds
October 21 2014

The API getFriendIds, which previously returned the entire set of GameCircle friends for a player, has been fixed to return only those friends who also play your game. This fix improves efficiency of the API call and your game's need to handle irrelevant data. The change is automatic and does not affect any games already using the API. See the updated documentation.

New sample code access GameCircle Friends on Fire tablets
October 7 2014

This sample code gives you an early jump on the newest version of the GameCircle Friends page on Amazon Fire tablets, to be released shortly. Make it easy for your players on Fire tablets to find and add friends directly from your game. This sample code uses an intent to display a link to the GameCircle Friends page when your game is being played on a Fire device that supports the Friends page. Add this code now and the link will become visible on Fire tablets as soon as the new software is released. Documentation is available.

Social APIs multi-language quick reference
October 7 2014

A quick reference table is now available for the Friends APIs in Java (Android), JNI (Android, and Unity (C#).

Updates to Adobe AIR docs
September 18 2014

We made some additions/changes to the the Adobe AIR plugin documentation in response to developer requests:

  • Added more detailed info about generating an API key for AIR projects, including how to get an MD5 signature.
  • Updated the setup instructions for using FlashBuilder. Versions earlier than 4.7 are not supported because they include versions of AIR that are too old for the GameCircle AIR extension. Version 4.7 (the latest version) also comes with an old version of AIR but can be updated. A link to the Adobe update instructions was added.

New GameCircle social APIs
September 9 2014

New APIs let you add GameCircle Friends data to your game. Players using Amazon Fire devices can connect with other Fire device users and add them to their Friends list. These new APIs let you use a player's GameCircle Friends data to provide an enhanced game experience. Detailed documentation is available.

New GameCircle extension for Adobe AIR
August 21 2014

The plugin file and sample code is available in the latest Amazon Mobile Apps download. Detailed documentation for using the plugin is available.