Cocos2d-x Integration with GameCircle API 2.x


GameCircle offers a C++ API for Android and Amazon Fire that enables Cocos2d-x game developers to implement GameCircle leaderboards and achievements, and Whispersync for Games 2.x.

Follow the C++ setup instructions to integrate the C++ API in your Cocos2d-x environment, and then add GameCircle features to your games.

What is Cocos2d-x?

Cocos2d-x is an open source game engine that supports multiple platforms and multiple programming languages that share the same API structure. Developers can use their preferred language to create and port games to their targeted platforms. For example, Cocos2d-x developers can generate an Android APK that they can publish to the Amazon Mobile App Distribution Program.

Where can I get Cocos2d-x?

Get the latest version on the Cocos2d-x Download page.