Integrating Your Catalog with Fire TV

Integrating your media catalog with Amazon Fire TV allows your content to be discovered and launched from the Fire TV home screen when users search for it (either through voice or text search).

Catalog Integration Overview

Catalog Integration has two major components:

  • A catalog file that specifies the movies and TV shows that you offer through your app.
  • Integration between your app and the Fire TV Home Screen Launcher, which enables users to play your content directly from search and browse results.

Catalog Integration allows your content to be included in the results of a search performed from the Fire TV home screen. It also allows a user to find your content while browsing Fire TV outside of your app, such as when browsing by genre (also known as "universal browse and search"). Regardless of where in the Fire TV UI users find your content, they can play it directly without needing to open your app first.

Criteria for Catalog Integration

Not every app qualifies for catalog integration. 90% of your app's catalog must be available for catalog integration, and all titles be indexed on IMDB or Amazon Video for referencing. Only content that is matched against IMDB will be discoverable via catalog integration.

Contact Us to Get Started

To begin your catalog integration with our platform, contact us for further information. If your content qualifies for integration into the catalog, it takes two weeks to set up our systems to provide you with a sandbox to test the integration.

Resources in This Section

These topics will teach you about Fire TV catalog and launcher integration. If you're new to this, reading these topics in the given order is recommended.

Read these topics as needed:

These documents can be used as a reference once you have a grasp of the overall catalog and launcher integration concepts.

Changes to the Catalog Data Format (CDF) XML Schema

From time to time, the CDF schema, on which your catalog file is based, is updated to add new features. In rare cases, existing elements might be removed or altered. Check here for a summary of the latest changes. The current version of the CDF schema is 1.8.