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Developer Console

Step 4: Add Descriptions

This page describes the Description tab:

Highlight on the Description tab

On the Description tab, you provide long and short descriptions for your app's listing in the Appstore.

Description fields

The following table describes each field on the Description tab.

Description tab fields
Field Description
Display title

The app title that will be displayed in your app's listing on both the Appstore website and on devices. The display title should be brief and does not have to be the same as the App title field on the App Information tab. If you would like to refer to Amazon or any Amazon product or service (including Kindle or Fire) in the title of your app, refer to the Amazon Trademark, Brand, and Marketing Guidelines.

Short description

A short description of your app that is appropriate for display on a device. This field is limited to 2,000 bytes - equivalent to 1,200 English characters, 400 Japanese characters, or 400 Chinese characters. Consider keeping this description very brief. Avoid paragraph breaks, as they get stripped out. The Fire TV UI displays only the first 200 characters, then shows an ellipses to read more. Optimize your short description to include the most important information up front. If your app allows in-app purchasing, a note gets automatically appended to the end of your description.

Long description

A lengthier description of your app that is appropriate for use on the Amazon Appstore website. The maximum length is 4,000 characters. The long description appears on the Appstore website and on tablets running Fire OS 5 and higher. It doesn't appear on Fire TV devices. All text input fields (including the short description and other fields) are plain text only. Do not enter HTML markup (it will fail testing and delay your app's publishing).

Product feature bullets

Three to five key features of your app, one feature per line. Press Return after each feature. The Developer Console will automatically convert each item to a bullet item each time that you press Return.


Comma-separated search terms that will help customers find your app in the Amazon Appstore. On Fire devices, these keywords can be helpful in surfacing your app when users search either by text or with voice.

Next steps

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Last updated: May 10, 2023