Developer Console

Set up LWA based on your use case

Set up the LWA by following the instructions applicable to your use case. Refer to the links listed here for each use case.

📘 This is where you add the Login with Amazon button in your Application.

📘 Amazon Data Portability scopes can be requested by your Application only as voluntary scopes, which means that a customer can choose either to share the information requested or not. See Essential / Voluntary Scopes for details.

After you’ve completed the LWA setup, your Application will be integrated with Login with Amazon SDK to do Authorization Requests for each customer that provides their authorization. For each authorization request, take note and save the (1) code specific to the customer authorization, and (2) scopes list in your Application.

You will need the code to generate an access token when you reach the Authorize your Application to connect with Amazon Data Portability API section. You will need the scopes list when you reach the Connect with Amazon Data Portability API section.

If you're done with the LWA setup, proceed to Step 5. Get allowlisted.

Last updated: Mar 07, 2024