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Your Moments Console
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About Moments

Amazon Moments is a service that lets you increase the user actions that matter in your apps, games, websites and more by rewarding customers with physical or digital items when they complete these actions. We refer to these actions as moments. The Moments platform triggers personalized notifications or rewards when app customers reach these moments.

The Moments APIs, which are compatible with Android, IOS, and FireOS apps, and websites, make it possible to reward your customers with products that are sold and fulfilled by Amazon.

In the Moments Developer Guide, we use the generic term app to encompass all of the types of games, apps and websites that can use the Moments Service.

Scenarios for Using Moments

The following describe popular scenarios for using Moments:

Create a challenge for your customers. For example, in a banking app, you can send a notification to the customers to tell them about the challenge (such as: Make 5 deposits via smartphone and get $5 in Amazon credit). After the customers complete 5 deposits, you can send them a message ("Congratulations on making your 5th deposit by phone! Click HERE to get a $5 Amazon credit!"). As with all Moments campaigns, you control the cost-per-moment.

Surprise your customers with a reward when they complete a high value action in your app. The moment can be an action in a game like reaching level 5, or making a purchase in the app, or even signing up for a newsletter. You can control the cost-per-moment for each type of moment.

Award competitions and tournaments. Give your users physical or digital items as prizes for winning in-app competitions.

Rewards API Roles

The following table describes the responsibility and roles of your app/website and the Rewards API.

Responsibility Your App/Site Rewards API
Track user behavior (in-app, transactional, etc)    
Evaluate user eligibility based on the data tracked    
Communicate the campaign information to the user for challenges (such as through in-app notifications)    
Communicate the reward redemption information to the qualified users (such as through notifications or email)    
Reward inventory management    
Reward redemption reporting    
Reward shipping & handling