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Plugins and extensions to make cross-platform development easier.
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Getting Started Making Games eBook

Whether you are a seasoned developer, or just getting started, chances are you need a little encouragement to go from a blank canvas, to a fully functional end product. While there are lots of resources out there to help you get started, it may feel a bit overwhelming. This guide to takes the guess work and anxiety out of the critical tasks—such as artwork and music—that might be out of your comfort zone as a developer.

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GameMaker Basics: Juicing Your Movements

Learn how to add some juice to your character movements and animations using GameMaker. This will help you squeeze some more life and feeling out of your games, and improve the quality of your games overall. Read on »


Git Started with Source Control and GameMaker Studio 2 (Part 1)

Source Control is an essential part of game development and one that every developer should use. In this 2 part blog series, I will show you everything you need to work with Source Control, specifically in GameMaker Studio 2 (GMS2). Read on »


Game Design: Choosing the Right Framework

One way to speed up your app’s development by using frameworks. Frameworks allow you to work with existing code libraries, so you don’t have to create these libraries yourself. Read on »


Want to Build a Game? Start With a Game Design Document

You have a game idea and want to start building right away. But making a game is more than just having a good idea and the skill to code it. The first step is to create a game design document (GDD) to solidify your ideas. Read on »