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Amazon's powerful and popular streaming media players help enable app and game developers to reach more customers in the living room. Amazon Fire TV is a tiny box with huge specs. It has 3x the processing power of Roku and Apple TV, a fast quad-core processor, 2 GB of memory, dedicated GPU, Dolby Digital Plus surround sound and optical audio out. Fire TV Stick, now available to customers in the UK, Germany and Austria, is the most powerful streaming stick available, with 4x the storage and 2x the memory of Chromecast, plus a dual-core processor and 1 GB of memory.   

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Get the Fire OS 5 Developer Preview for Amazon Fire TV

Get ready for Fire OS 5 by signing up for the Fire OS 5 Developer Preview for Amazon Fire TV to test your apps and games, ensuring your pp is avaiable to millions of customers on our next generation of Amazon devices.

Get the Fire OS 5 Developer Preview for Fire TV>

Get Started: How to Publish

Build something new or bring your existing app or game to Amazon Fire TV devices from PC, console, web or mobile. To get started, you can build with Android or use HTML5. 

  • Android (see technical documentation): Android developers can use existing tools and frameworks including Unity to develop apps and games for the 10-foot experience. Sample code, documentation and guidelines are available to help you make the most of your apps.
  • HTML5 (see technical documentation): HTML5 developers can leverage the Amazon WebView to develop apps and games. Developers have the option to build HTML5 web appsCordova apps using the Fire OS port, or hybrid apps. Get up to speed quickly with the Web App Starter Kit for Fire TV. You can find this project on its Github project page.  

Build Great Games

With powerful performance and features such as second screen and multi-controller support, our Amazon Fire TV devices have been designed around supporting HDTV and enabling great apps and games. Both devices support a variety of controllers to let you design the best experience for your customers, including a free remote and the Amazon Fire Game Controller for a richer gaming experience. Amazon Fire TV allows up to 7 remotes and game controllers (Fire TV Stick supports up to 4), opening up multi-player gaming in the living room. Games can even use different combinations of input types (remotes and games controllers) to make multi-player gaming easy for everyone.   

Easily Publish Media and Web Apps

Media apps are flying onto streaming media players to find new customers in the living room. We make it easy to bring your media app to Fire TV with little work. The Web App Starter Kit for Fire TV is a new open source project intended to help developers get up to speed quickly to create a simple media-oriented app for this exciting new web platform. This starter kit includes features like an example user interface designed for the 10-foot experience, support for the Fire TV remote control, and sample components that you can use to create and customize your own media app. Visit the Github project page to get started.

Monetize Your Apps and Games

When customers buy Fire TV devices and register with their Amazon accounts, they are already set up with their Amazon payment profiles, and are ready to purchase apps or in-app items with no further effort. Amazon Fire TV and Fire TV Stick support the Amazon In-App-Purchasing API so you can offer consumable items, permanently entitled items, and even subscriptions for sale in your app. To help you tune your gameplay and monetization implementation, Amazon offers A/B Testing tools that can help you hone your app for maximum user retention and optimized monetization. 

Integrate Second Screen

Amazon Fire TV and Fire TV Stick support second-screen experiences using the Amazon Fling SDK, allowing customers to discover and open apps on their television right from their tablet or phone. Extending apps to two screens gives you the ability to take your apps and games to the next level by enabling more than one person to engage with your app and creating truly immersive gaming experiences for customers through multi-player functionality. 

Compare Device Specs

The below chart compares Amazon Fire TV and Fire TV Stick. To compare device and feature specifications in depth, click here.


 Amazon Fire TV 

 Amazon Fire TV Stick

 Processor  Quad core  Dual core
 Memory  2 GB memory  1 GB memory
 Remote with Voice Support  Included  Optional (non-voice enabled remote included)
 App with Voice Support  Yes  Yes
 Gaming Support  High performance games  Casual games and more
 Miracast Yes Yes
 Ethernet  Yes  No
 Optical Audio Out (home theater integration)  Yes  No
 List Price (USD)  $99  $39
 Country Availability USUK, and Germany US, UK, and Germany