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Amazon Fire TV gaming edition

The Amazon Fire TV Gaming Edition delivers everything customers need in one box. Port existing Android games over to Amazon Fire TV using native or cross-platform frameworks. Learn more >>

Fire OS 5 and Leanback

The new Amazon Fire TV ships with Fire OS 5. Based on Android 5.1, Fire OS 5 supports Android TV and the v17 Leanback library. Learn more >>

Second screen integration

The Amazon Fling SDK allows customers to discover and open apps on their television right from their tablet or phone. Learn more >>

Expand your reach with Amazon Fire TV

Build something new or bring your existing app or game to Amazon Fire TV from PC, console, web, or mobile.

Web App Starter Kit

Design for the 10-foot experience with our Web App Starter Kit—designed to help developers quickly create simple, media-oriented apps. Learn more >>

Monetize your apps and games

Amazon Fire TV and Fire TV Stick support the Amazon In-App-Purchasing API so you can offer consumable items, permanently entitled items, and even subscriptions in your app. Learn more >>

Integrate your app's media catalog

Catalog integration enables universal search, browse, and deep linking to your media content from within Amazon Fire TV. Learn more >>