Developer Console

Drive app discovery and engagement

Get the tools you need to build engaging customer experiences.

Amazon Device Messaging

Send notifications to users on Fire devices that run your app.

Message types

Select from data messages, notification messages, or data and notification messages when building your push notification. Learn more.

Targeted messaging

Send messages to a group of devices in a single API or to a group of users subscribed to the same topic.

Download the SDK

Download the Amazon Device Messaging SDK or A3L Messaging SDK to get started.

💡 Tip: Use new guided workflows for porting Android apps to Fire OS. 

Delight your users

Create immersive, streamlined experiences for accessing and using your apps.

Login With Amazon

Simplify user management and customer login by leveraging their existing Amazon accounts. Learn more

Amazon Incentives API

Offer Amazon gift cards as prizes or incentives with no program fees or expiration dates.  Learn more

Amazon Fling

Enable customers to send media and web content to Fire TV from their mobile devices. Learn more

Leaderboards and Tournaments

Strengthen your fanbase and opportunities with cross-platform gaming competitions. Learn more

Get your content discovered

Expand customer reach and drive engagement.

Alexa for Video Publishers

“Alexa, find dramas.” Let customers find, consume, and control video content using just their voice. Learn more

Recommendations on Fire TV

Get noticed on the Fire TV home screen with the “Recommended By Your Apps” row. Learn more

Fire TV ads

Build an ad campaign in just a few minutes to promote your app through Sponsored Display on Fire TV.  Learn more

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