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GMonks Games unlocks new features and customers with Amazon Appstore

Chris Traganos Jul 05, 2023
Gaming Case study Appstore on Windows 11

Important: Amazon Appstore on Windows 11 will no longer be supported after March 5, 2025. Read the blog for more information.


GMonks Entertainment is an indie game studio that develops and publishes games for Android, iOS, and Amazon devices. Since launching in 2014, they have published multiple popular games like Wordstine and Hangman.

GMonks primarily focuses on creating immersive cross-device gaming adventures. The team incorporates an iterative approach to their game development process to constantly refine and improve their games and exceed player expectations. In addition, they recently built support for gamers to use their keyboard and mouse along with implementing the new Amazon Input SDK to create an in-game tutorial, showing customers how to play using these device inputs. This capability gives users the additional flexibility of using the physical keyboard and mouse to play their favorite games on both touchscreen and non-touchscreen Windows 11 devices.

In-game experience for Bird Sort Puzzle
In-game experience for Hangman

In-game experience for Bird Sort Puzzle (left) and Hangman (right)

In-game experience for Bird Sort Puzzle

In-game experience for Bird Sort Puzzle

In-game experience for Hangman

In-game experience for Hangman

The challenge

GMonks was looking to expand to Windows in order to reach new PC game customers. Their priority in reaching this goal involved launching a Windows version of their app with in-game tutorials to show Windows 11 customers how to play with a keyboard and mouse. However, building for Windows could take months to develop, and creating in-game tutorials from scratch would take weeks. Plus, there were the additional costs of UX design, development, and testing required to publish and launch the app.

To expand their reach, GMonks had to effectively maximize the return on their investments by reducing the time, effort, and development costs required to create the Windows game with in-game tutorials.

The solution

GMonks turned to Amazon Appstore for Windows 11 and the Windows Subsystem for Android™️ (WSA) to fulfill their cross-device aspirations. “We never launched a game on PC before, but we recognized the importance of expanding to Windows 11 due to its wide usage and access to a large user base of PC gamers,” said Neeraj Kumar, co-founder and Chief Technology Officer of GMonks Entertainment. He emphasized how seamless the process was as his team relied on Amazon Appstore’s developer documentation as their primary resource for building and testing the game on Windows 11 prior to publishing. “The documentation provided clear guidance, allowing us to build and deploy our first game within a few hours,” Kumar mentioned. “The learning curve for deploying the app on WSA was straightforward.”

Through this experience, GMonks highlighted the top five offerings from Amazon Appstore that up-leveled their growth opportunities and propelled their mobile Android games to launch on new devices:

  1. Easy porting process: GMonks found that the porting process to the Amazon Appstore was simple and efficient through developer tools such as the A3L SDKs and the IAP app tester. Within a couple of days, they successfully brought their games to Windows 11, opening doors to new PC game customers. Without the tools provided by the Amazon Appstore and Microsoft’s WSA technology, this effort could have taken months to develop.
  2. Enhanced input controls: GMonks recognized PC gamers' preferences and incorporated separate keyboard and mouse controls into their games for the Amazon Appstore. This customization allows players to enjoy games using the input controls that are native to Windows 11 devices, providing a tailored experience for desktop gameplay.
  3. Utilizing the Input SDK: GMonks utilized the Amazon Input SDK to build and deploy a quick and efficient display of input control in less than an hour. By offering intuitive input instructions, they ensured that players could seamlessly navigate the game and enjoy the gaming experience.
  4. Optimized performance: GMonks was able to focus on the game mechanics for Fire tablets and relied on Amazon Appstore and WSA to provide a smooth and native gaming experience on Windows 11.
  5. Monetization opportunities: GMonks integrated Amazon In-App Purchases (IAP) into their games for Windows 11. By offering optional digital goods and in-game currency strategically throughout their games, they offered an enhanced gaming experience while striking a balance between game enjoyment and sustainable monetization.

The results

Beyond key offerings, GMonks mentioned the five benefits from publishing on Amazon Appstore for Windows 11:

  1. Expanded reach: By launching their Android app on the Amazon Appstore for Windows 11, GMonks can now reach hundreds of millions of users who prefer gaming on their Windows 11 devices. This expanded reach has led to an increase in downloads, visibility, and brand recognition for GMonks.
  2. Cross-device compatibility: A key advantage of using the Amazon Appstore for Windows 11 lies in the cross-device compatibility it offers. GMonks’s app seamlessly connected players across devices, allowing users to enjoy their game on both Android mobile devices and Windows 11 PCs. This compatibility has not only boosted player engagement but also reduced the development efforts by having one code base supporting multiple types of devices.
  3. Enhanced revenue streams: With Amazon Appstore, GMonks can choose from a wide selection of monetization options, including Amazon In-App Purchases (IAP) and Amazon Publisher Services (APS). These tools efficiently monetized their game and increased game usage. The expanded user base on Windows 11, coupled with the integration of in-app purchases, has boosted revenue, enabling them to invest further in game development and marketing efforts.
  4. Improved user experience: Amazon Appstore for Windows 11 has given GMonks the chance to optimize their game for PC gaming, resulting in an improved user experience. By leveraging Windows 11's optimized performance and support for multiple input controls, GMonks is offering players an immersive desktop gaming experience. This enhanced user experience has delighted existing players and also attracted new players, leading to positive reviews and word-of-mouth referrals.
  5. Visibility and promotion: Launching their Android app on the Amazon Appstore has increased app visibility and promotional opportunities. The Amazon Appstore's dedicated game section and tailored promotional campaigns have helped GMonks stand out from the competition, gaining exposure to a wider audience.

By embracing Amazon Appstore for Windows 11, GMonks successfully tapped into new opportunities, addressed customers needs, and established themselves as a leading player in the gaming industry.

“Porting our game to Windows 11 was a remarkably simple process, taking only a couple of days to complete. Amazon has done an excellent job simplifying the porting process and creating new opportunities for mobile games,” said Kumar. “We appreciate the ease of porting to Windows 11 through the Amazon Appstore as it opens doors for indie developers to expand their app’s reach.”

“We appreciate the ease of porting to Windows 11 through the Amazon Appstore as it opens doors for indie developers to expand their app’s reach.” 

- Neeraj Kumar Co-Founder & CTO GMonks Entertainment

User experience for Bird Sort Puzzle
Controls for Bird Sort Puzzle
User experience for Bird Sort Puzzle
Controls for Bird Sort Puzzle

User experience and controls for Bird Sort Puzzle

Whats next?

GMonks continues to redefine the boundaries of gaming by delivering exceptional experiences for the gaming community. They observed a growing trend for seamless cross-device gameplay. “Players appreciate the convenience of seamlessly continuing their gaming experience on different devices, whether it's transitioning from mobile to PC or vice versa,” Kumar explains. In response, GMonks continuously improves their apps' quality and user experience across devices.

In addition, GMonks recognizes the increasing interest in social and multiplayer experiences. Driven by player feedback, GMonks is exploring ways they can enhance the social aspects of their games to foster a sense of community and collaboration.

GMonks's partnership and Amazon Appstore for Windows 11 launch is a testament of their commitment to listening and incorporating player feedback and delivering new features and gameplay elements to create better experiences.

Head over to the Amazon Appstore to play GMonks games today!

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