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Why Red Bull TV decided to voice-enable their Fire TV app


Alexa for Video Publishers lets you build experiences for customers to easily find, consume, and control your app’s video content using just their voice. Our partners at Red Bull TV have integrated VSK for Fire TV and Multimodal into their app for customers to use natural language commands to search for their app's content, launch the app, control media playback, change the channel, and much more.

Thank you to Red Bull TV for their time to share their insights and experience about integrating and enabling voice features with Amazon Appstore for Fire TV.

Fire TV enables reach of wider global audience

Red Bull recognizes Amazon as a leader in the technology and streaming hardware space, and has been an early advocate for partnering on new and exciting features to enhance their consumer app experience.

From the inception of Red Bull TV, their main goal has been to reach and inspire as many customers as possible with cutting-edge content and an award-winning user experience. Fire TV has paved the way in the streaming world and has made it possible for Red Bull TV to reach a wider, global audience.

Voice enhances customer experience

Red Bull deeply values Amazon’s focus on innovation and support for voice features, and believe that Alexa is among the top voice solutions in the market today. They have found that the advantages of voice have improved user experience, providing a more seamless way to navigate to content.

Voice has helped create hassle-free experiences for Red Bull customers and reduce interactions that are cumbersome with a traditional remote. They are very passionate about growing technology and working with partners like Amazon, who are putting the customer interests first. Red Bull appreciates the convenience and ease of launching into playback. Using voice features promotes additional video plays and more opportunity for content in the background.

The future is voice for video streaming apps  

With discovery and navigation increasingly handled outside of app, Red Bull has identified voice as playing a central role in enhancing their customers search experience. Users will have more granular control over playback and access to information related to content will be easier to access and discover.  They are confident that voice is the future of streaming media and that it has made monumental leaps since its inception, with more exciting Fire TV voice features to follow for customers to enjoy.

About Red Bull TV

Red Bull TV gives you free, front row access to a world that’s Beyond the Ordinary. Meet athletes, artists, dancers and pioneers at the forefront of innovation - icons, teams, competitors, and rising stars from around the world. Customers can experience 24/7 Linear TV channel or choose from a deep video on demand library consisting of thousands of hours of entertainment across sports, culture and lifestyle topics.

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