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[Updated] Amazon Appstore to support Android App Bundle


Update as of June 3, 2022:

The Android App Bundles format was announced by Google as a mandatory open-source format for new Google Play app submissions beginning August 2021.  We are pleased to announce that developers can now submit apps using the the App Bundles format in addition to the existing APK format. Soon, we will support additional App Bundle features, which will enable smaller app size downloads and on-demand downloads for features and assets.

Our team is working diligently to continue to make app submission as simple and frictionless as possible for developers.

Review the technical documentation to learn more. 


Previously published on July 16, 2021:

Earlier this year, Android App Bundle format was announced by Google as mandatory open-source format for new Google Play app submissions starting August 2021. Amazon Appstore is actively working to support the new format, which will provide benefits such as smaller app size downloads for customers and on-demand downloads for features and assets. These changes benefit customers by helping them download specific aspects of an app in real-time as needed.

For Amazon Appstore developers, in addition to the existing APK format, we are working to support the app bundles format across all types of submissions. We will share updates later this year on our progress to continue making app submission as simple and friction-less as possible for our developers.


Updated as of June 3, 2022

There are no changes to the app submission process. For both app formats (APK or App Bundles), developers will continue to submit apps in the same way as before. App Bundles will be completely optional, and developers will be able to continue submitting apps using the existing APK format. There are no changes in terms of size restriction for app files to be submitted (<2.5 GB check will be in place for aggregate size of all App Bundles).

No, you will not need to resubmit your app if it was previously submitted and published in APK format. You may continue publishing new apps and updates to existing apps using the APK format. In order to utilize App Bundles, developers would need to plan future submissions using the new format (*.aab), however, there will be no changes in the way developers currently submit apps to Appstore.

We currently support upload of apps in App Bundle format. We are working to enable customer experience benefits for App Bundles incrementally over time, such as app size reduction, dynamic delivery, or instant app support.

In its current format, only Appstore signed apps will be able to upload App Bundles. However, existing users who self-sign apps are not expected to switch over, and we are working on supporting the self-signing use-case as well. You will continue to sign App Bundles similar to the way you sign APKs and submit today.

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