The Amazon Drive API and SDKs are currently closed to new developers.

Thank you for your interest. We received an overwhelming number of API invitation requests with many innovative integration scenarios. We have ended the invitation period to focus on enabling new customer experiences with current developers.

personal cloud storage
Personal cloud storage

Our developer services let you tap into personal storage and give your users access to their photos, videos, and documents saved in Amazon Drive. The service enables you to interact with millions of Amazon customers while placing your own creative spin on how users upload, view, edit, download, and organize their personal digital content using your app.

scaleable cloud services
Scaleable cloud services

Built on the same highly reliable and scalable cloud system used by AWS, the Amazon Drive API and SDKs for Android and iOS put the power of a large-scale cloud services offering in your hands. You can offer confidence and peace of mind to your users, as their content is secure and easily accessible in Amazon Drive. Quit worrying about the cost of cloud storage and unleash your creativity to build the best experience for your customers.