Amazon Unity Plug-Ins

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Introducing the Amazon Unity Plug-Ins

Amazon offers Unity plug-ins that enable you to quickly set up and deploy key Amazon services:

  • In-App Purchasing API enables Entitlements, Consumables, and Subscriptions for Games.
  • GameCircle API enables leaderboards, achievements, and Whispersync for Games 2.0.

The Unity plug-ins are free as part of the Amazon Mobile App SDK.

What is Unity?

Unity is a cross-platform game development engine from Unity Technologies. It enables you to create rich, interactive 3D experiences by providing ways to assemble your art and assets into scenes and environments, add physics, and simultaneously play-test and edit games. When you're finished building and testing, the Unity engine creates a binary for your chosen platform, such as an Android APK that you can publish on the Amazon game store.

Where can I get Unity?

Download Unity from the Unity website. The base version is free, so give it and our new plug-ins a spin and bring your next game to the Amazon store in record time!

Who's Using the Unity Plug-In?

The GameCircle Unity Plug-In helped Imangi Studios quickly integrate GameCircle Leaderboards and Achievements into Temple Run.
Read about the benefits of the GameCircle Unity Plug-In

The GameCircle Unity Plug-In has made it even simpler for developers to integrate GameCircle into their games. Imangi Studios, developer of the hit games Temple Run and Harbor Master, was one of the early adopters.

"We recently integrated GameCircle into Temple Run using the GameCircle plugin for Unity. The process was very easy and incredibly fast," said Keith Sheperd, founder and CEO of Imangi Studios and creator of Temple Run. "What would have normally taken days to integrate only took a few hours and it was all very straight forward. We will definitely use the Unity plugin to add GameCircle and In-App Purchasing to our other games."

Using the Unity Plug-In with GameCircle 1.x SDK

This section contains the reference documentation for using the Unity Plug-In with the original GameCircle 1.x SDK.


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