Known Issues with the Kindle Fire Emulator


The following are known issues with the Kindle Fire emulator.

Kindle Fire HDX 8.9”, Kindle Fire HDX 7”, and Kindle Fire HD 7” (3rd Generation) Emulator Issues

Emulation of third-generation Kindle Fire tablets is a beta feature, is subject to change, and has the following known issues.

ADM Client Does Not Connect in New Emulator Instance

New instances of the Kindle Fire emulator do not automatically connect to the Amazon Device Messaging (ADM) servers when you register the emulator to an Amazon account. To connect the emulator to the ADM servers, after you register the emulator, use the power button on the emulator skin to power the emulator off and back on. For more information about the ADM architecture, see Understanding ADM.

Alarm Manager-Scheduled Events Do Not Run

Events scheduled for execution by the Android Alarm Manager do not currently run on the third-generation Kindle Fire emulators. Until a fix is implemented, if you need to test the behavior of your Alarm Manager-scheduled events, use a second-generation Kindle Fire emulator such as Kindle Fire HD 7” or Kindle Fire HD 8.9”.

If you use a second-generation Kindle Fire emulator to test the response of your app to Alarm Manager-scheduled events, remember to test the layout and functionality of your app in a third-generation emulator.

Automatic Time Zone Is GMT

On both Windows and Mac OS X, the emulator automatically selects GMT as the time zone, not the local time for the host computer.

Emulator Performs Poorly or Crashes on Windows

On Windows, the emulator may reach a memory limit, causing a segmentation fault and crashing the emulator. If the emulator is unstable on Windows, make sure that you install the updated emulator components to increase the memory limit and improve the stability of the emulator. For more information, see Updating Components for the Kindle Fire Emulator (Windows only).

GameCircle Does Not Show Account Data Even When Emulator Is Registered to an Amazon Account

After you register the emulator to an Amazon account, GameCircle 2.0 may show a guest account, or not show an account at all. GameCircle features such as Leaderboard and Achievements do not display the GameCircle data for the Amazon account. To remedy these issues, close the emulator window and restart the AVD, and make sure that you clear the Wipe user data check box.

Internet Connection Is Not Restored When Leaving Airplane Mode

When leaving Airplane Mode, the emulator does not reconnect to the Internet. To restore the connection, toggle the network off and on by pressing the F8 key twice.

Network Location Provider Returns null

The network location provider returns null. As a best practice, avoid relying on a specific location provider. Design your app to get its location from the best available provider.

General Issues with the Kindle Fire Emulator

Calendar Storage Has Stopped

When you start the emulator, you may see the message Unfortunately, Calendar Storage has stopped. To resolve this, simply dismiss the message. No further action is needed.

Location Updates Always Come from the GPS Provider

On the Kindle Fire emulator, location updates always come from the GPS provider and not from the network provider. This behavior differs from Kindle Fire tablets, where location updates may come from either the network provider or GPS provider, depending on the tablet.

Older Versions of Intel HAXM May Crash Mac OS X

On a development computer running Mac OS X, if you are running an older version of the x86 hardware virtualization technology, this can lead to a system crash. Make sure to install the latest version of Hardware Accelerated Execution Manager (HAXM) from

Silk Browser Is Not Supported

The Silk browser is currently not supported in the emulator. The default Android browser is installed and responds to the same intents as the Silk browser.

Video Is Not Played Due to CODEC Support

Due to limitations in hardware emulation and the availability of cross-platform codec support, you may find that the Kindle Fire emulator is unable to play some videos.

Wi-Fi Is Not Emulated

The Kindle Fire emulator does not emulate Wi-Fi. For apps running in the emulator, network connections appear to be to a mobile (cellular) network.

Kindle Fire (1st Generation) Emulator Issues

Android SDK Manager Lists Duplicate Kindle Fire Package

When you first install the package for the Kindle Fire (1st Generation) emulator, Android SDK Manager lists a duplicate Kindle Fire package. The duplicate listing goes away after restarting the emulator.

AVD Clock Displays GMT

On Windows, the AVD clock displays time in GMT by default. In the emulator user interface, you can adjust the settings to display your local time. From Settings, tap More, tap Date & Time, tap Select Time Zone, and then set your time zone.

Long Startup Times May Be Caused by Incorrect Heap Size Settings

If the VM Heap size is not set to 64 MiB, the emulator may take a long time to start. Make sure to adjust the VM Heap size.

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