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Appstore Developer Select helps get your qualifying mobile and HTML5 web apps discovered and gives you more opportunities to boost your sales and revenue. As a developer with one or more qualifying apps, you will receive the following benefits:

  • Enhanced Merchandising to Improve Discovery: Your qualifying apps will receive 500,000 free mobile ad impressions across the Amazon Mobile Ad Network. We’ll provide enhanced merchandising for your apps in a dedicated section on the Amazon Appstore home page and consider your apps for advertising on Kindle Fire.
  • Amazon Coins Rewards to Customers to Improve Conversion: Consumers purchasing your app or in-app items in your app will receive up to 30% of the purchase price back in Amazon Coins. We’ll boost customer acquisition by rewarding first-time purchasers of Select paid apps and in-app items with an extra 250 bonus Coins.
  • 25% off AWS Services to Help You Scale: You will earn 25% credit back on qualifying purchases of Amazon Web Services (AWS) products, up to a maximum $500 credit per year.

These benefits are now available to developers worldwide for their qualifying apps that are available for sale in the US marketplace. Ensure your apps meet the program requirements today so that you can receive these benefits! For additional details on Developer Select, please review the additional details below, along with the program requirements and FAQ.

Additional Details

  • We may update program qualification requirements and benefits from time to time, and may require your app to comply with any updated program requirements to continue to receive program benefits.
  • The Amazon Coin rewards offer on a qualifying app will be limited to the first 10,000 purchases made by consumers in the US Appstore, after the app satisfies the program qualification requirements. Free apps and free in-app items are excluded from this offer.
  • AWS credits will be computed as a percentage of your pretax AWS spending in the preceding month and will be posted to your AWS account by the 15th of each month. Unused credits will expire on the last day of the calendar month one year after you receive them. AWS credits awarded through the Developer Select program will be applied to the AWS account associated with the email address of the owner and administrator of the applicable Amazon Developer Portal account. You can review this information under Settings-> User Permissions after logging into your account. The email address will have the Role listed as “Administrator (owner)”. There must be an active AWS account associated with this email address to receive the AWS credits. Please see for additional terms and conditions that apply to the AWS credits.

For your mobile or HTML5 web app to qualify for the program, it must meet the following requirements:

  • Device Support: Apps must be compatible with designated Amazon devices. The current list of designated devices include the Kindle Fire (2nd Gen), Kindle Fire HD, Kindle Fire HD 8.9", and Kindle Fire HD 8.9" 4G. Effective January 1st, 2014, we will also require apps to be compatible with the recently announced (in September 2013) 3rd Gen tablets — Kindle Fire HD, Kindle Fire HDX and Kindle Fire HDX 8.9". In addition, the app must be available for sale on our U.S. store for non-Amazon devices.
  • HD Optimization: Apps must render natively in high definition (HD) at the highest resolution possible on each of the designated devices and use the entire screen without distortion, pixilation, or stretching. You must also include high definition screenshots (1280x720 pixels or greater) of your apps that can be displayed on the product detail page.
  • Amazon Services Adoption: Apps must exclusively use the Amazon In-App Purchasing (IAP) API (if your app enables in-app purchasing of supported digital products) and use on a non-exclusive basis Amazon Mobile Ads API (if your app presents ads). Games must integrate with GameCircle, including WhisperSync for Games and at least one of Leaderboards or Achievements.

We may update these requirements from time to time, and may require your app to comply with the updated requirements to continue qualifying for the program.

Additional Details

  • Apps containing adult content are not eligible to receive the benefits of Developer Select.
  • To receive mobile ad impressions, apps and associated ad content must comply with all requirements of the Amazon Mobile Ad Network, including the Creative Acceptance Policy and be available for sale in the United States.
Q: What is the Developer Select program?
A: The Appstore Developer Select program is designed to offer enhanced merchandising benefits to apps that meet the program qualification requirements. Amazon will provide opportunities to increase the sales of your qualifying paid apps and in-app items by offering consumers up to 30% of the purchase price back in Amazon Coins. We’ll also boost customer acquisition by rewarding first-time purchasers of qualifying paid apps and in-app items with an extra 250 bonus Coins.
Q: Do I need to enroll for this program?
A: No. We will evaluate your apps to determine whether they meet the program requirements and, if yes, provide the program benefits.
Q: I already have apps live on the Amazon Appstore. How can I check whether or not they qualify for Developer Select benefits?
A: You can check the eligibility status of each of your apps by logging into your Amazon developer account and navigating to the "My Apps" tab found under "Apps & Services". You can access that page by clicking here.
Q: Why is my app that is already live on the store showing a “Pending” status?
A: We test every app to ensure it meets the program requirements after it is published on our store. If your app (or update) was published to our store recently, it will show a “Pending” status for program eligibility while we are evaluating whether it meets the program requirements. Please check back soon to see whether your app qualifies for the program.
Q: Will I receive Developer Select benefits for my app in all geographies where it is available for sale in the Amazon Appstore?
A: The benefits are currently only available for apps in the US marketplace.
Q: One of my apps did not qualify for Developer Select. Where do I get additional details on how I can address the issue(s)?
A: You can check for additional details by logging into your Amazon developer account and clicking on the test results status for that particular app under the "My Apps" tab found under "Apps & Services". You can also access that page by clicking here.
Q: Can I resubmit an app after making the necessary changes?
A: Yes you can, and we will re-evaluate it for program qualification.
Q: What if my app doesn't use any type of in-app purchasing or mobile ads? Do I still need to integrate the Amazon In-App Purchasing and Mobile Ads APIs?
A: No, only those APIs that are relevant for your app's use case need to be integrated.
Q: How can I tell if my app renders in HD?
A: The best way to ensure that your app renders in HD is to test it on a Kindle Fire and ensure there is no pixilation, the graphics don't appear stretched or distorted, and that the app uses the entire screen space.
Q: Where can I check the status of the free mobile ad campaigns for my Developer Select-qualifying apps?
A: You can review the mobile ad performance report for your qualifying apps by clicking on the "View your Mobile Ad Campaign" button on the pop-up window that appears when you click on an app's Developer Select status link on the "My Apps" page.
Q: Why didn’t my ADS qualified app receive a mobile ad campaign?
A: To provide the highest quality customer experience, we may be unable to deliver free ad impressions on any ADS qualifying app that contains sensitive content. Some examples of such content include strong sexuality, foul or obscene language, inappropriate religious or political content, intellectual property infringement and topics pertaining to drugs or alcohol. Please review the program qualification requirements for additional details. If you believe that your app does not have such content and still do not see a campaign scheduled for it, please Contact Us for assistance.
Q: I have additional questions about making my app Developer Select-compliant that aren’t answered here. How do I get help with these questions?
A: You can submit your question via the Contact Us link, and we will get back to you.
Q: How are the AWS credits computed?
A: Each month, we obtain the value of your pre-tax net expenditures on AWS services during the preceding month. The net expenditures are computed as actual expenditures offset by any credits other than those offered as part of this program. AWS will then provide 25% of this amount in credits back to you, up to a calendar year maximum of $500.
Q: What can consumers use the Amazon Coins they receive to buy?
A: Consumers can use the Amazon Coins they receive to purchase any eligible item in the Amazon Appstore.
Q: When will the 500,000 free mobile ad impressions be delivered for my program qualifying apps?
A: We will attempt to start delivering mobile ad impressions for your qualifying apps as early as the month following app qualification, subject to availability of ad slots on our network. We expect that most apps will have their impressions delivered within 5 months of app qualification.
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