Launch your ACK device

The following sections describe steps to take when launching your Alexa Connect Kit (ACK)-based device.

Create product ASIN

If you're launching your device on, create an Amazon Standard Identification Number (ASIN) and a product detail page. For more details about how to complete these tasks, see Seller Central: Product detail pages and offers or Vendor Central.

Create product catalog attributes

One way customers find your product on is by searching for specific keywords or by browsing through product categories. To show your correctly on, you can set up your product catalog attributes. This includes grouping similar ASINs together to represent a category storefront and assigning keywords for your product.

For example, your ACK product might fit into a number of different categories than a typical smart home device or you might want to tag your product with keywords that match the ACK features you're using.

  • For more details about how to set up your product for search, see Seller Central: Amazon Search or Vendor Central.
  • For assistance with product catalog attributes, reach out to your Strategic Account Manager or Alexa Smart Home Marketing contact.

Create enhanced detail pages

One way to help drive conversions is to create an enhanced details page that features A+ content. When you create an enhanced details page, you can describe your product features by including a unique brand story, enhanced images, and unique text placements. For example, you can add ACK specific product information and showcase the ACK features you're using.

For more details about how to set up enhanced detailed pages, see Seller Central: About A+ Content or Vendor Central.

Create product relationships

Variations are sets of products that relate to one another in one or more categories. For example, if you're already selling smart home devices on, you can leverage your existing search relevancy and reviews to boost your new ACK-based product. You can do this by linking your non-ACK products and your ACK-based products together on the same detail page.

For more details about variations, see Seller Central: Variation relationships overview or Vendor Central.

Amazon advertising

New products can take time to build search relevancy across To optimize your search results and drive traffic towards your product pages, you can use Amazon Advertising services.

For more details about Amazon Advertising, see Amazon Ads.

Amazon Vine

Amazon Vine allows you to submit your products for review by trusted Amazon customer reviewers before and after launch. Customer reviews are a critical part of the purchasing decision journey. For more details about Amazon Vine, see Vendor Central: Amazon Vine or Seller Central: Amazon Vine.

Promotions and deals

You can run promotions and deals to help increase sales.

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Last updated: Nov 27, 2023