Step 4: Upload Code to the Arduino Zero

To run the ACK Device SDK sample applications on your Arduino, verify and compile the code and then upload it by using the Arduino IDE. After you have successfully uploaded the code to the Arduino, control the development device with the Alexa app or an Alexa-enabled device, such as an Amazon Echo Dot.

The following procedure shows you how to verify and compile the code, and then upload it to the Arduino Zero.

To upload the ACK Device SDK sample application code to your Arduino Zero

  1. Connect the Arduino Zero Programming Port to your computer by using the micro-USB cable port, if the port isn't already connected.

  2. Verify that the Arduino Zero board is selected in the Tools > Board menu by navigating to Tools > Board > "Arduino/Genuino Zero (Programming Port)"

  3. In File > Examples > AlexaConnectKit_SmartLight > AlexaConnectKit_SmartLight, select the AlexaConnectKit_SmartLight example.

  4. To use the Arduino IDE to verify the code, select Verify/Compile from the Sketch menu: Sketch > Verify/Compile.

  5. Upload the code to the Arduino Zero from the Sketch menu: Sketch > Upload.

  6. If you see a Done Uploading message, this means that you have successfully uploaded the example to your Arduino. If you run into issues, see Troubleshoot the Development Kit.