ACK Module Utility Quick Start

When you use the Alexa Connect Kit (ACK) to develop and manufacture a product, you can manage it with the ACK Module Utility. This tool lets you work from the command line or use scripts to perform common tasks like the following.

  • Generate barcodes for customer product registration
  • Update the module's firmware over the wire
  • Provision the module as a specific product, such as a smart light

For details about the commands you can use with the module utility, see the Module Utility CLI Reference.


  • An ACK Development Kit or printed circuit board assembly (PCBA) with an integrated ACK module and debug port
  • A micro-USB to USB-B or USC-C cable
  • Java SE 8

Step 1: Download the ACK Module Utility

Download the ACK Module Utility from the Resources page of the ACK developer console. Unzip the folder and save it to a convenient location.

Step 2: Connect the debug port to your computer

Connect the ACK hardware debug port to your computer. If you're using an ACK Development Kit, see these setup instructions.

Step 3: Use the Module Utility CLI

The ACK Module Utility CLI is an executable Java archive (JAR) file. You run the CLI from a terminal window on your computer. Each command begins with java -jar <path_to_ackmoduleutility.jar>.

To check the version of your ACK Module Utility, run the version command.

$ java -jar <path>/ackmoduleutility.jar version

When you run this command, an output similar to the following appears:


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Last updated: Nov 27, 2023