Amazon Developer Account

To develop an Alexa Connect Kit (ACK)-based product, you need an Amazon developer account. The developer account gives you access to ACK software and tools to develop and build ACK-based devices.

Create your Amazon developer account

To create your Amazon developer account, follow the instructions on Create a Developer Account, including Enter Your Credentials, Register Your Developer Information, and Complete Your Profile.

Add users to your developer account

If your company has multiple users who work on your ACK-based products, you can give them access to your account. You can also assign each user a role that limits their permissions within your account.

When you add a user to your account, they receive an email with a link to get started. If an invited user doesn't already have a developer account associated with their email address, they must create a new one.

To add users to your developer account, upgrade your account to an organization developer account. For more details about upgrading your account, see Add Users to Your Organization Developer Account.

Developer portal roles for ACK projects

Each role in an organization developer account provides different levels of access to your ACK project. Make sure you assign the correct roles to each user in your organization. You can add a single user to multiple developer portal accounts. The following list shows the roles and their levels of access related to ACK projects:

  • Administrator – Complete read and write access to your ACK project, including reporting and payment information. Can manage user permissions, including inviting or removing users from the account.
  • Developer – Submit and update your ACK virtual products.
  • Marketer – Edit the product information associated with your physical ACK product. For example, descriptions, images, and multimedia. Also provides access to sales reports.
  • Analyst – View ACK earnings and sales reports.

Send your vendor ID to your ACK representative

To get full access to ACK features and testing tools, send your vendor ID to your ACK representative.

To send your vendor ID to your ACK representative

  1. Sign in to the Alexa developer console.
  2. To view your vendor ID, open Customer Details.
  3. Copy your Vendor ID.
  4. Email your Vendor ID and project name to your ACK representative.

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Last updated: Nov 27, 2023