Alexa Connect Kit (ACK) FAQ

The following frequently asked questions (FAQ) answer common questions about Alexa Connect Kit (ACK).


Q: What's ACK?
Alexa Connect Kit (ACK) is a managed service that makes it easy to connect your product to Alexa.

With ACK, you don't need to write an Alexa skill, manage a cloud service, or develop complex network and security firmware to connect your product to Alexa. Instead, you integrate an ACK hardware module into your product and pay a one-time, per-device fee. ACK provides the managed services, software, and tools you can use to develop and manage your Alexa-connected products on an ongoing basis.

After integrating with ACK, your customers benefit from Alexa device control and other features, such as Amazon Frustration-Free Setup (FFS) and Amazon Wi-Fi Simple Setup (WSS). For more details about ACK, see What is Alexa Connect Kit.
Q: What types of products can I build with ACK?
You can use ACK to build any smart home product that supports the Alexa Smart Home API. Examples include lighting and electrical products (switches, outlets, plugs, power strips), small and large domestic appliances (microwaves, coffee machines), home environment products (fans, purifiers, air conditioners, heaters), and more.

For more details about what you can build, see Example Products Built with Alexa Connect Kit.
Q: How's ACK different from other Alexa services, such as the Alexa Skills Kit (ASK)?
For details about how ACK is different from other Alexa services, see How's ACK different from other Alexa services?.
Q: What support resources are available if I have a specific question about my ACK project?
For details about getting support for ACK, see Get Support for the Alexa Connect Kit.

Prototype and develop

Q: How does the ACK prototyping process work?
You use a sample module or the ACK development kit to create an ACK-based device prototype. To start, you design a virtual product in the ACK developer console and then provision the sample ACK hardware.

Next, you define the smart home capabilities for your prototype, which map to your chosen product features.

Then you select your host microcontroller (HMCU) that connects to your ACK module.

After, you use the ACK Device SDK to develop an application for your HMCU that handles the communication from the ACK module and controls your device hardware in response to Alexa directives.

For more details about this process, see Prototype and Develop Overview.
Q: How do I purchase ACK modules?
You can purchase ACK module samples or production quantities from any of the ACK module manufacturers listed on ACK Modules. You can also purchase an ACK development kit, which includes an ACK module.
Q: How do I upgrade the firmware?
To upgrade firmware on existing ACK modules, use the Module Utility CLI.


Q: Where can I distribute ACK-based devices
Today, you can launch and distribute ACK-based devices in the United States and Canada. You can prototype and develop an ACK device in Australia, Brazil, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Mexico, Spain, United Kingdom, and the United States.
Q: How do I mass manufacture and distribute ACK-based devices?
After you complete your device prototype, apply to the ACK team to approve your manufacturing process. For more details about how to submit an application, see Contact us about your project.

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Last updated: Jul 01, 2024