Step 5: Register Your Device

To register your Alexa Connect Kit (ACK) development device with Alexa, scan the printed barcode that came with the development kit by using the following steps. This registers the ACK module on the development board with the ACK managed service and allows the module to connect to Alexa services. The ACK module has a unique device serial number, and is linked to your development device.

Step 5.1: Restart the ACK development board

When the ACK module on the development board first receives power, it starts a beaconing process to make the device discoverable for barcode registration. After five minutes, the module returns to an idle state, and the module is no longer discoverable until it returns to an active beaconing state.

To restart the beaconing process, manually disconnect the USB cable from the Arduino Programming Port, and then plug it back in.

Step 5.2: Register your device

To register your device

  1. On your mobile device, open the Alexa app.

  2. Select the Devices, and then select the plus sign (+).
  3. Select Add Device.
  4. From the list, select Development Device.
  5. For What brand is your development device?, choose the brand of your developer kit. For example, ACK or Espressif.
  6. If prompted, enable access to Bluetooth, camera, and location services on your mobile device, and then choose NEXT.
  7. To register the development device with Alexa, use the Alexa app to scan the printed barcode that came with the development kit. The default ACK test device is named Development Device.
  8. Select the Wi-Fi network to connect to, and if necessary enter the Wi-Fi password.
  9. After the ACK setup utility connects your module, the message development device is set up and ready to use appears. The status LED on your development board changes from white to green. Your device is now connected to the Alexa service.

  10. Verify that your test product appears on the Modules page of the ACK developer console.

Last updated: Feb 17, 2021