Step 1: Learn about the Development Kit Components

The Development Kit for Alexa Connect Kit (ACK) comes with an USI MT7697H Development Board fitted with an integrated ACK module, an Arduino Zero, and other items. In the following sections, you learn what's in the box, and get an overview of the development kit technical details, and the development board and Arduino Zero hardware components.

If you don't have a development kit yet, see Obtain the ACK Development Kit.

If you need support with the development kit, see Support and Troubleshooting.

What's in the box

USI Development Kit for ACK box contents
USI Development Kit for ACK box contents

The following table shows the items included in the USI Development Kit box.

Label Description
1 USI MT7697H Development Board with integrated ACK Module
2 Arduino Zero development board
3 USB Type-C to USB 3.1 female adaptor cable
4 Micro-USB cable
5 LED with internal resistor used to prototype a smart light device
Not included in photo Barcode used for device registration

USI MT7697H development board

The USI MT7697H development board is fitted with a Mediatek WM-BN-MT-52-based Alexa Connect Kit module.

Technical details

  • Processor – 192 MHz Cortex
  • RAM – 64 KB
  • Hard Drive – 352 KB
  • Hardware Platform – MCU with WiFi/BT
  • Operating System – Embedded OS
  • Processor Brand – MT7697H
  • Computer Memory Type – SRAM

USI MT7697H development board components

The following table shows the development board components and their location on the board.

Label Description
A Debug Port - A micro-USB port used to connect the development board to your computer in order to debug, provision, and update the module firmware.
B, C Pass-through Headers - Used to connect hardware peripherals, such as an LED or 5v fan. The header pins connect the development board to the Arduino Zero, and are pass-through connections.
D ACK module - A system-on-a-module equipped with wifi and Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE). The ACK module is the central component of the development board, and connects to the device's HMCU and to Alexa and ACK managed services.
USI Development Board Components
Label Description
E Power LED - Red if the module has power.
F Status LED: White – The ACK module has power, is product provisioned, and the device is not registered with the ACK managed service. Green - The module is connected to wifi and registered with the ACK service. Red - There's an error or the module is in a module provisioned state.
G Reset button - Resets the ACK module; it will also reset the Arduino Zero if the boards are connected.
H Development board jumpers - The development board comes with jumper caps on the TX, RX, INT_B, and RES_B connectors. When a jumper cap is in place, the signal is routed to the board pin headers.
I Device Serial Number (DSN) - Each Development Board has a unique DSN. The DSN is used to register and identify your device with Alexa and ACK managed services.

Arduino Zero board

Arduino Zero
Arduino Zero board components

Arduino Zero board components

The following table shows the Arduino Zero board components and their location on the board.

Label Description
A Reset button - When this is pressed, it will reset the Arduino Zero.
B, C Pin Headers - Pass-through connectors to the USI Development Board used to connect the two boards.
D Status LEDs - For more information about the Arduino Zero status LED, see the Arduino Zero documentation
E Programming Port - Provides power to the USI Development Board, and is used to program and debug the Arduino Zero.
F Native USB Port - You do not need to use this port.