Alexa Agency Curriculum

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Alexa Agency Curriculum

Welcome to The Alexa Agency Curriculum, a set of resources designed specifically for agencies, brands working with agencies, studios, and independent developers who work with brands. The curriculum will walk you through key steps in building a successful Alexa voice strategy and provide guidance for building delightful and engaging voice experiences as you incorporate voice into your go-to-market strategies.

This content will help you learn how to plan, design, build and bring an Alexa skill to life for your clients/brands and their customers. Follow recommended guidance for a variety of roles, at your own pace, as you build out your voice practice. To tie it all together, we also share several case studies that give you a glimpse into how brands and agencies are working together to drive creativity and innovation with our growing Alexa cloud-based voice service.

  • Curriculum Summary
  • Voice Strategy & Planning Spotlight
  • Skill Delivery Framework
  • Introduction to Alexa Design
  • Skill Retention Spotlight
  • Skill Monetization Spotlight
  • Usability Testing Spotlight
  • Voice CMS Spotlight
  • Skill Analytics & Measurement Spotlight
  • Alexa Marketing Guide
  • Alexa Skill Case Studies

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A limited selection of Alexa features are available on "International Version" Echo devices shipped from Amazon to eligible countries. The features listed are not exhaustive, vary by country, are subject to change or withdrawal at any time without notice, and may require separate subscriptions or other fees.