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Connect Your Smart Clocks to Alexa to Create Delightful Experiences

Excellence and craftsmanship matters for your brand. Combine sensible functionality with customer delight when you connect your timepiece to Alexa. With the Alexa Gadgets Toolkit, you access innovative technology that extends the very best of Alexa’s time-keeping and timer capabilities to your product, allowing you to design standout, smart clock experiences.

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Spotlight: Echo Wall Clock

Echo Wall Clock is a 10-inch battery powered clock that serves as an Echo companion for customers to see timers at a glance, helping them stay organized and on-time at home. With its 60 LED display, customers can say, “Alexa, set a 12-minute timer,” and their Echo Wall Clock will display the time remaining, as well as a countdown for the last 60 seconds. To power these features, Echo Wall Clock uses the following Defined Interfaces: time info, alerts, and notifications – all of which send information in form of directives from the paired Echo device. 

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Tap into Alexa’s Time Features

From time syncing to the state of timers and alarms, Alexa’s native time features are extended to your device so you can focus solely on designing first-class experiences specific to your product. No custom voice designs necessary.

Lower Your Overhead

Your smart clock communicates directly with Alexa through Bluetooth, eliminating the need for costly device cloud and customer account management.


What You Can Do

Use the following core features to create your smart clock experience.

Time Info

Receive a time info directive for your gadget to remain in sync with its compatible Echo device, including automatic updates for daylight savings.

Alarms & Reminders

Respond when an alarm or pre-set reminder is set or triggered, such as a switch that releases dog food when an alarm expires.


Respond when a timer has expired, such as an outdoor gong that chimes when backyard time has concluded.


Respond to notifications, such as a flag that raises each time a notification is received.

Start Prototyping

Bring your concept to life with off-the-shelf components and step-by-step tutorials.

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