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Business Resources

Alexa connected devices can receive the Works with Alexa certification badge to show they are certified to deliver high-quality Alexa experiences, and be eligible for exclusive marketing opportunities with Amazon. Increase your product’s exposure and open up new marketing opportunities by submitting your products for certification via the Works with Alexa and other programs. 

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Certification and Badging

Works with Alexa (WWA) Program

Works with Alexa is a certification program that establishes your product's compatibility with Alexa, ensuring your customers have a great smart home experience. When your products are certified, they can carry the Works with Alexa badge on product packaging, on the Amazon detail page, building customer confidence that your products work seamlessly with Alexa.

Learn more about Works with Alexa

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Boost Your Product’s Exposure

Differentiate your product and take advantage of the growing demand for voice-enabled devices.

Build Customer Trust

Demonstrate your products work simply and dependably with Alexa.

Use the WWA Badge

Use the Works with Alexa badge on your product packaging and other marketing materials.

Additional Certifications & Features

Certified for Humans

Certified for Humans is a certification program that identifies high-quality smart home experiences across setup, usability, and performance.

Frustration-Free Setup

Make your device setup as easy for customers as opening a box and powering on a device. 

Amazon Dash Replenishment

Your customers can track supply levels within the Alexa app and automatically reorder from Amazon when needed. 


Marketing Opportunities

Amazon offers numerous ways to increase your Alexa-connected product’s exposure to the millions of customers who shop on every day.

Smart Home Storefront on

Throughout the year, we drive traffic to the Storefront, increasing visibility for your product and surfacing it to customers shopping for Alexa experiences.

Works with Alexa Badge

Once your device is certified, you can display the Works with Alexa badge on, your product packaging, and other marketing materials.

Amazon Vine Program

Amazon Vine allows you to submit your Works with Alexa products for review by trusted Amazon customer reviewers prior to launch. 

A+ Detail Page on

A+ detail pages have been shown to increase sales by an average of 11%. You can enhance your detail page with A+ content to add additional product information, branded content, and images that highlight your product’s benefits.

Participation in Promotions

Certified devices are eligible for participation in a variety of promotional opportunities that increase visibility and potential sales, including Best Deals, and Lightning Deals. You can align price promotions to major events, such as Prime Day and Alexa’s Birthday.


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Certify Your Device

Certify an Existing Device

You can use the Works with Alexa Certification Console to register your product and apply for certification. Once certified, you can display the Works with Alexa logos or branding on your product packaging, marketing materials, and

Connect a New Device to Alexa

Don’t have an Alexa-connected device? View our development resources for how to start connecting a new device to Alexa.