Original Design Manufacturers

White-box and Form Factor Reference Designs with Alexa Built-in

Original Design Manufacturers

Original Design Manufacturers (ODMs) provide device manufacturers an accelerated path to launching products with pre-tested white-box solutions and form factor reference designs that have Alexa built-in. These qualified solutions are close to end products in design, functionality, and hands-free Alexa voice performance.


Alexa for Speakers and Communications

JUNLAM Smart Video Box (WES-10001)

JUNLAM Smart Video Box (WES-10001) is a Smart speaker with a 7” touch screen powered by a Samsung Exynos7570 processor, with support for 802.11n & BT4.2 WiFi, and 8GB of built-in storage. It includes two digital MICs, 2x3W speakers, and a 5MP camera. You can ask Alexa to show movies, TV programs, news, listen to radio stations, and even play songs while seeing artist information and lyrics on the screen. The Smart Video Box can serve as your kitchen companion for cooking recipes, setting timers, and adding items to your shopping list; as well as acting as a hub to all of your smart home devices.

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JazzHipster S2 DECT Smart Speaker

The JazzHipster S2 DECT is a smart speaker with Alexa built-in that combines DECT (Digital Enhanced Cordless Telecommunications) functionality for hands-free calling. The S2 features two omni-directional microphones, a 3” full range driver, and a passive radiator providing 15W total power that delivers a responsive voice assistant without compromising audio performance.

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Samesay CK317 Soundbar

The Samesay CK317 is a 2.1 channel soundbar with Alexa built-in. The 37" soundbar features a 2-mic array for far-field voice recognition, and supports multiple inputs sources including HDMI ARC, optical audio, RCA stereo, and 3.5mm AUX. It also features multi-room music using the included iLive mobile app.

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Hansong Microdot XS

Microdot XS is a small, portable speaker with Alexa built-in. It features a 3-mic far-field array, dual band WiFi, Bluetooth, and optional 4G connectivity. The device has 700mAh rechargeable battery that provides four hours of playback time and can be charged with a standard microUSB cable.

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InnoMedia BuddyTalk Speakerphone

The BuddyTalk BT product series is a family of voice-enabled intelligent speakerphone / smartspeaker comprised of the BT100, BT110 and BT200 products. The BT100/BT110 is designed for residential, and small and midsize business users, and offers unprecedented calling flexibility. The BT200 is designed for enterprise users and integrates with Amazon Alexa for Business to allow deployment as a shared voice communication device in conference rooms or on users' desks. 

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SGW Global Mono

The Mono wireless home telephone with Alexa built-in adopts a distributed architecture using DECT wireless technology for communication between the handset and the base, which connects to a landline and the internet. Alexa functionality can be activated with the dedicated Alexa key on the handset, and includes Alexa Calling and Messaging, Alexa to Alexa calling, outbound Drop In, and Announcements. 

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AddOn Apollo Voice

AddOn's Apollo Voice is a push-to-talk, Alexa built-in personal smart speaker. It features a unique water and impact resistant design, and a patented sucker-cup silicone casing that delivers impressive acoustics by using the surrounding environment to generate bigger bass and balanced clarity. The built-in, high-performance Lithium-ion battery can be charged from any USB source, and provides up to 8 hours of continuous listening over Bluetooth. 

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The CAW-70040 is a sleek 940x90x62mm soundbar, for use with TVs. It has both Bluetooth & Wi-Fi functionality, with a Bluetooth range up to 32 feet. It connects to a TV with the line-in jack and it has a built-in high powered speaker system (4x10W full range). The CAW- 70040 supports multiple music services. 

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Adition Socket Speaker

Adition's Socket Speaker plugs directly into EU, UK, and shaver sockets, without the need for a power adapter. It is 84mm in diameter and sits 55mm deep when plugged into a socket. The Alexa built-in device features a 2-mic voice capture solution, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity, a 2W speaker, and support for multiple music services. 

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Adition DAB Radio

Adition's Alexa built-in radio uses a 2-mic voice capture solution. It has digital audio broadcasting (DAB) functionality, a 5W speaker, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity, and support for multiple music services. The device is 182mm tall with an OLED display and buttons to navigate user options. 

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Compact and portable, this 82mm tall Alexa built-in smart speaker features a 2-mic voice capture solution, a 2W speaker, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity, and digital volume control. It has a built-in rechargeable battery with approximately five hours of play time and an optional charging dock. The CAW-19230 supports multiple music services. 

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JUNLAM’s CAW-18057 is a 195mm tall smart speaker with Alexa built-in featuring a 2-mic voice capture solution, a 5W speaker, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity, and digital volume control. It has a built-in rechargeable battery with approximately five hours of play time, and comes with a USB port and cable for charging. The CAW-18057 supports multiple music services. 

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Alexa for Hearables and Wearables

Hansong Wave

Ultra-small and light at only 50g, Wave is the perfect portable assistant. The device is a fully enabled Alexa endpoint that supports 2 mics and dual band WiFi. Bluetooth 4.2, Hands-Free profile and line out allows Wave to work with any headphone set or BT enabled car to make calls and stream content such as Amazon Music, TuneIn or iHeartRadio; create to-do lists or control other compatible smart devices.

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iStage AMH630

AMH630 is a Bluetooh wireless headphone with Alexa built-in. Designed for "Hi-Res" audio, they are capable of frequency responses between 20Hz - 40KHz (“Hi-Res” as defined by Japan Audio Society); and their built-in amplifier can deliver a high power output of up to 60mW (30+30mW). The integrated microphone is capable of voice recognition for communicating with Alexa while on the go.

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Horn Luduan V4

Horn’s Luduan V4 is a 2-mic headset with Alexa built-in, using Amazon‘s Alexa Mobile Accessory (AMA) protocol. The Luduan V4 headset provides users with a wake on voice Alexa experience and is rated IPX5 for water resistance. The battery is optimized to provide 15 hours play time with a 340 mAh battery. 

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Tatung Aston Two

The Aston Two from Tatung are headphones with Alexa built-in that deliver quality audio and Alexa interaction using both wake-on-voice and tap-to-talk modes. They feature both Bluetooth and WiFi connectivity, making them flexible for indoor and outdoor usage. Music playback is rated for 6hrs on the 1100mAh battery. 

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My Music Group BarbetSound AskMe

BarbetSound AskMe, My Music Group’s push-to-talk, Alexa built-in Bluetooth headphone implements the Alexa Mobile Accessory protocol to connect with the Amazon Alexa App on iOS and Android smartphones. The device has soft, cushioned ear cups and a foldable design. It features a microphone and 12mW transducer output. The rechargeable 300mAh battery in the headphone has a charge time of one hour and a playback time of 10 hours at maximum volume. 

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My Music Group BarbetSound TalkEasy

BarbetSound TalkEasy, My Music Group’s push-to-talk, Alexa built-in Bluetooth earbud implements the Alexa Mobile Accessory protocol to connect with the Amazon Alexa App on iOS and Android smartphones. The device is designed to provide stability during movement, and features a microphone and 8mW transducer output. The rechargeable in-earbud 70mAh battery has a charge time of one hour and a playback time of four hours. 

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Alexa for PCs


Established in 1983, CLEVO specializes in hardware solutions for notebooks, tablets and All-in-One PCs. 

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Established in 2002, Emdoor offers a variety of products including tablets, 2-in-1s, laptops, notebooks, and smart speakers. 

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Founded in 2005, Huaqin Telecom Technology Co., Ltd. is a multi-category intelligent communication terminal R&D design company covering desktop PCs and notebooks. 

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Compal strives to create differentiated PC products. Their designs address durability and thermal management requirements, while setting new form factor standards. 

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Established in 1988, Quanta is recognized for its quality and design in manufacturing laptop computers. 

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Wistron offers engineering services and program management to customize PCs with Alexa built-in, including design, development, and rapid prototyping. 

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Alexa for TVs

MyBox Kit for Alexa

Experience Amazon Alexa on your Set Top Box (STB) with "MyBox Kit for Alexa". It consists of a USB hub (supported with Wi-Fi and BLE dongle) and a voice-enabled Bluetooth remote which will connect to your existing STB to make it Alexa enabled. 

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Alexa for Smart Home Devices

Third Reality RealityVoice

RealityVoice is a smart speaker with Alexa built-in that features an integrated Zigbee hub and WiFi connectivity. It uses a 2-mic voice capture solution and is designed for voice-controlling devices in the home. It can be bundled with other smart home IoT products including smart light bulbs and light switches.

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Calix GigaSpire MAX

The Calix GigaSpire MAX is designed for communications service providers wanting to provide their customers with a smart residential gateway. The device has Alexa built-in, supported by a 3-mic array and a 5W speaker. The Calix GigaSpire MAX is a Wi-Fi mesh enhanced-router that extends the network into the home with security; and support for smart home protocols Bluetooth, Zigbee, and Z-Wave. 

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Gemtek ViTA Smart Controller

The Gemtek ViTA Smart Controller is designed for voice-controlling IoT devices in the home, such as door sensors, lights, blinds, and security cameras. Its Alexa built-in integration is supported by a 4-mic array and bass extended sound. The device features up to 10G broadband, and compatibility with a wide range of connectivity protocols including LTE, Zigbee, Bluetooth, and Wi-Fi. 

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Adition Lamp Speaker

This LED lamp delivers soft lighting with dimming support and doubles as a smart speaker with Alexa built-in. The solution includes a 2-mic voice capture system, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity, and support for multiple music services. It has button controls, a light ring, two 3W speakers, and a USB port for charging. The Adition Lamp Speaker stands 220mm tall with an 85mm diameter. 

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Amazon works with select Systems Integrators (SIs) to help commercial device manufacturers bring new devices with Alexa built-in to market. The Systems Integrators provide hardware modules, software, and services that accelerate the implementation, delivery, and support of devices with Alexa built-in. 

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