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Grow your business with Alexa

Discover ways to monetize your Alexa skills and build a sustainable business.

Selling digital goods within Alexa skills

In-skill Purchasing (ISP), Paid Skills, and Alexa Skill Deals

Generate revenue through Paid Skills

Enable customers to pay upfront to access valuable content from your Alexa skill and start generating a steady revenue stream.


Offer subscriptions to customers using In-skill Purchasing

Offer access to premium content or features for a period of time, charged on a recurring basis until your customer cancels the subscription.

Enable access to premium content with In-skill Purchasing

Generate additional revenue from your skill by offering premium content to your customers such as game expansion packs, unlocked features, or extra characters for a set fee.

Provide access to one-time offers through In-skill Purchasing

Garner revenue by offering content or features that customers can purchase, deplete, and purchase again such as hints for a game, in-game currency, extra lives, or "day passes" for premium content. 

Offer discounts on your monetized skills using Alexa Skill Deals

Create attractive discount offers that could lead to an increase in sales of premium content within your skills through in-skill purchases or increase in revenue from greater engagement with your paid skills.

Customer success stories - Selling digital goods within Alexa skills

Smart Voice Studio: In-Skill Purchasing has been a game changer for this skill building agency.

Smart Skills: In-Skill Purchasing has bestowed professional and personal freedom on this developer.

TMSOFT: Creator of the popular ‘White Noise’ skill has doubled its In-Skill Purchasing revenue each year since 2019. Learn how In-Skill Purchasing helped this developer make a business out of Alexa.

Relaxing Sounds LLC: This developer was able to grow his revenue to a point where he was not only able to cover streaming costs but also grow his business.

Drew Cosgrove: Drew monetizes Alexa skills to pursue his passion of creating games. A webby award-winning conversational design company perfected monetization through iteration and testing.

‘Stoked Skills’ Success with In-skill Purchasing: Discover how Gal Shenar has set-up his voice business up for long-term success.

Tips and best practices - Selling digital goods within Alexa skills

In-Skill Purchasing Design Tips: Design an optimal In-Skill Purchasing experience by reviewing the Alexa Design Guide.

Upsell Best Practices: 5 tips to improve your In-Skill Purchasing upsell.

Optimize In-Skill Purchasing: 5 tips to evaluate your In-Skill Purchasing experience.

Upsell Checklist: Ask yourself these questions as you develop or refine the upsell message for your skills with In-Skill Purchasing.

Upsell Tips: Review best practices and examples for optimal upsells.

Tips to succeed with ISP and Alexa Skill Deals: 3 tips from an Amazon product leader on how developers can leverage ISP and Alexa Skill Deals to drive revenue from your skills.

Watch and learn - Selling digital goods within Alexa skills

In-Skill Purchasing Tips Tech Talk: Learn best practices and benchmark data at each stage of the In-Skill Purchasing journey.

'Digital Sales Monetization' Office Hours: Find answers to your questions on ISP, Paid Skills, and Alexa Skill Deals by watching this Q&A with the monetization product leader.

Alexa Skill Deals Office Hours: Find out how you can leverage Alexa Skill Deals to drive incremental sales during Prime Day.

‘Grow your Business with Alexa’ Webinar: Watch this session from Alexa Live 2022 to learn how to monetize your skill.

Embedding shopping experiences within Alexa skills

Alexa Shopping Kit

Alexa now enables you to provide more value to your customers and monetize your skill by offering various shopping capabilities as part of the Alexa Shopping Kit. The Alexa Shopping Kit offers tools that span the entire shopping journey, thus enabling you to embed end-to-end shopping experiences. You can sell your own products or products from other brands that are sold on Amazon.

Discovery: Entice customers with new product announcements or gifting recommendations


Utilize easy-to-use proactive notification Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) to announce new product launches or timely gifting recommendations (e.g. Mother’s Day) as notifications.

Coming soon

Research and Purchase: Reduce time and effort needed by customers to discover and purchase products


Surface relevant products within your skill and enable customers to research those products by answering their questions on price, features, cost, and reviews (coming soon); to add products to their Amazon cart or buy them without leaving your skill (generally available); and to add products to their Amazon Wishlist.

Learn about tips on enabling shopping actions 

Post-Purchase: Use granular insights to enable shopping experiences that resonate with your customers


Access anonymized insights to compare and contrast metrics for every product recommended by your skill to refine your recommendations.

Available in the Analytics section of the Developer Console, once shopping actions are embedded

Monetize your skill by earning commissions on eligible product purchases from your skill

Access one of the largest affiliate marketing programs in the world, Amazon Associates, now on Alexa and earn up to 10% commission on qualifying purchases from the referrals made from your skill. 

Customer success stories - Alexa Shopping Kit

Red Bull's Experience with Alexa Shopping Kit: Explore how Red Bull enabled shopping experiences within its Alexa skill to sell its popular energy drinks to customers.

LC Publishing’s Experience with the Alexa Shopping Kit: Learn how Ryan Jordan, the creator of the Dark Citadel gaming skill and sci-fi novelist, cross-sells books to his game players through his company LC Publishing.

wikiHow's Experience with the Alexa Shopping Kit: Watch the way wikiHow surfaces relevant products that are sold on Amazon, allowing customers to purchase tools to help them accomplish what they’ve learned through its skill.

Tips and best practices - Alexa Shopping Kit

Introducing the Alexa Shopping Kit: Learn about the Alexa Shopping Kit, encompassing a comprehensive suite of features that enables developers to monetize skill traffic by helping their customers discover, research, and purchase relevant products available on Amazon.

Alexa Shopping Kit Adoption Tips: 5 tips for embedding shopping experiences within Alexa skills.

Alexa Shopping Kit Design Tips: 6 tips for designing smooth Alexa shopping experiences to help grow revenue.

Tips to Enable Shopping Experiences on Alexa: 5 tips from Amazon tech leader Girish Shekhar on how developers can grow revenue from their skills using Alexa Shopping Actions.

Capitalize on Amazon's holiday sales: Amazon Associates on Alexa offers developers a new way to earn revenue from their skills.

Watch and learn - Alexa Shopping Kit

‘Grow your Business with Alexa’ Webinar: Watch this session from Alexa Live 2022 to learn how to monetize your skill.

'Alexa Shopping Kit' Tech Talk: Watch this webinar to learn best practices on embedding shopping experiences within skills.

'Alexa Shopping Actions' Office Hours: Learn how to onboard shopping actions by watching this Q&A with our Alexa shopping expert.

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