Alexa Skills Kit - Tutorials

Build for Voice with Our Tutorials, Templates, and Code Samples

Build a skill, earn perks

Are you a new Alexa developer looking to start building for voice and reach millions of customers? Or are you an experienced Alexa developer working to push the boundaries of voice experiences?

Whatever your goal, we have the tools to help. Leverage our tutorials to learn to build a skill. Then use the knowledge to build a custom skill and earn perks.


Fact Skill

Build a skill that serves up facts on a topic of your choice.

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Quiz Game Skill

Build a quiz game skill and learn about speechcons.

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Trivia Skill

Build a trivia game skill that customers can play with Alexa.

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How-To Skill

Create a skill that teaches users how to play Minecraft.

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Team Lookup Skill

Enable customers to look up your contact information.

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Calendar Reader Skill

Create a skill that keeps track of upcoming events.

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RSS/Atom Feed Reader Skill

Use this sample to create a feed reader skill.

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Audio Player Skill

Inspect a sample skill that plays audio files.

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City Guide Skill

Build a skill that shares details about your favorite spots.

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Decision Tree Skill

Take this sample decision tree skill and make it your own.

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Interactive Adventure Game Skill

Use this tool to create an interactive adventure game.

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