Events with the Alexa Team

Hackathons, Conferences, Presentations, & Community Meetups

The Alexa team participates in a variety of events throughout the year and we’d love to meet you at one. Get hands-on learning and learn to build an Alexa skill at a hackathon, attend a presentation at smart home events, join in the conversation at select conferences, or connect with fellow developers at a local meetup.

Conferences & Presentations

Attend a presentation, join in the conversation, or interact with Alexa at select conferences.

Community Meetups

If you’re interested in connecting with fellow developers join a local, community-run meetup.


Get the hands-on experience of building and testing an Alexa skill at the next hackathon.

Conferences & Presentations

Alexa teams participate in a variety of events ranging from conferences to presentations and others in between. Watch, learn, or experience Alexa at an upcoming event.

CES 2017
Information coming soon
Over the coming weeks we will update the 2017 conference plans here.

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Community run meetups

Run by developers and enthusiasts, local community meetups give you the opportunity to meet 1:1 with others who share an interest in developing Alexa skills. As we learn of community meetups we will update this section.

Amazon Alexa Meetup - Day One
January 26, 2017 6:00 p.m.
Tempe, AZ

Mark Tucker will demonstrate how to prototype Voice interactions using Sayspring as well as the Alexa Skill Starter Template - Basic. This should get you going coding your first (or next) skill. We will have an informal Q&A about skills development.

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Amazon Alexa Meetup - Westerville, OH
February 9, 2017 6:00 p.m.
Westerville, OH

Join meetup organizers Bryant Schuck and Stuart Crane Thursday February 9th to discuss all-things-Alexa.

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The rise of voice platforms
February 8, 2017 7:00 p.m.
Berlin, Germany

Join the meetup organizers for the first time in 2017 at contentful's FooBar. There will be three to four 15-minutes talks and some lightning talks of 5 minutes.

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Alexa Devs Dublin Meetup #4
February 15, 2017 6:00 p.m.
Dublin, Ireland

Join the Alexa meetup group leader Jason O'Conaill for a new event in conjunction with the AWS Usergroup Dublin MeetUp. The organizers promise an attractive hoard of geeky prizes for this meet up, beer and background music.

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At hackathons, developers learn new technologies and create projects through hands-on education with Alexa Solutions Architects. Join us to learn how to build and submit skills for publication.

Amazon Alexa Hackathon
January 7-8
Las Vegas, Nevada

The Amazon Alexa Smart Cities Hackathon at CES will be the creativity hub for producing real-world Smart Cities solutions at one of the largest conferences in North America Register now »

January 20-22
East Lansing, Michigan

SpartaHack is a 36-hour programming marathon and competition held at Michigan State University. Amazon Alexa will be onsite to help you code. Register now »

January 21-22
Davis, California

HackDavis is UC Davis' annual hackathon for students, run by students. In January 2017, over 500 students, hackers, and creatives will come together for 24 hours of hacking for social good. There are three main tracks to the hackathon: Environment, Health & Wellness, and Education. With these 3 tracks, we hope to inspire change and cultivate a growing hacker community dedicated to social change at UC Davis. Amazon Alexa will be onsite to help you code. Register now »

Alexa and Wordsmith Hackathon
January 24-25
Durham, North Carolina

Hosted by Automated Insights and Amazon, the hackathon will focus on combining the Wordsmith Natural Language Platform and the Amazon Echo. Prizes, an awesome trophy, and everlasting fame to be gained!. Register now »

February 25
Cambridge, Massachusetts

Over a 19 hour period, you’ll work in a team of 3-5 hackers to make anything your heart desires! Amazon Alexa will be onsite to help you code. Register now »