Developer Events with the Alexa Team

Hackathons, Conferences, Presentations, & Community Meetups

The Alexa team participates in a variety of events throughout the year and we’d love to meet you at one. Get hands-on learning and learn to build an Alexa skill at a bootcamp or hackathon, attend a presentation at smart home events, join in the conversation at select conferences, or connect with fellow developers at a local meetup.

Alexa Dev Days, Conferences, & Presentations

Attend a presentation, join in the conversation, or interact with Alexa at select conferences.

Community Meetups

If you’re interested in connecting with fellow developers join a local, community-run meetup.

Workshops & Hackathons

Get the hands-on experience of building and testing an Alexa skill at the next hackathon.

Community run meetups

Run by developers and enthusiasts, local community meetups give you the opportunity to meet 1:1 with others who share an interest in developing Alexa skills. You can join an Alexa meetup group near you to get notified of future community events in your region.

Workshops & Hackathons

At workshops and hackathons, developers learn new technologies and create projects through hands-on education with Alexa Solutions Architects. Join us to learn how to build and submit skills for publication.

Alexa Game Skill Building Workshop - SF
Tuesday, April 9 - Check-in opens at 5:00pm, session starts at 5:30pm PT
AWS Loft San Francisco, CA

Join the Alexa team for a hands-on Alexa game skill building workshop! We will be showcasing voice-first games on Alexa and the Alexa Skills Kit (ASK) SDK, game mechanics and best practices, as well as showcasing new features to the ASK SDK toolkit. Bring your laptops and be ready to code! Register for the event now ».

Alexa Voice-First Games Hackathon - SF
Wednesday, April 10 - Check-in opens at 8:30am, session starts at 9:00am PT
AWS Loft San Francisco, CA

Come build voice-first Alexa game skills at an all-day hackathon for the chance to win fabulous Echo prizes! You will have the entire day to conceptualize and create a game using the Alexa Skills Kit (ASK). The Alexa team will showcase the capabilities of the ASK SDK, as well as offer hands-on guidance to create standout voice game skills! Register for the event now ».