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Get the latest updates for Alexa skill developers, including new Alexa Skills Kit (ASK) features, community news, upcoming events, promotions, and contests.

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Connect with the Community

Looking to connect with other Alexa skill developers? Meet and learn from other developers through online channels, and upcoming events.

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Post questions about skill building, and answer fellow skill builder's questions. View forum posts.

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Videos & Tutorials

Hear from developers and brands building for Alexa.

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Start building quickly with our video tutorials. From ideation, to brainstorming concepts, to using situational design to map out the voice interaction, building engagement through sounds, through to creating a voice experience using the Alexa Skills Kit (ASK), learn by watching these on-demand videos.

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Alexa Skills Kit Feature Updates

Date Name Summary Locale  Links Type
10/21/2020 Select Built-in Intent  Lets users indicate that they want to select a particular item, such as an item on a list All Documentation Beta
9/24/2020 Motion & Sensing APIs Build motion-capable Alexa skills for the all-new Echo Show 10 All

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APL Documentation

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Alexa Conversations

Create Alexa skills that feel more natural with fewer lines of code


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Quick Links for Alexa

Customers can launch your skills by clicking a link from your mobile app, website, or online ads

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Skill Resumption

Allow customers to easily return to your skill after using Alexa accomplish another task


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ASK SDK Controls framework

The new Controls Framework makes it easier and faster to code manage multi-turn skills


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Current Promotions for Alexa Skill Developers

There are currently not any live promotions for Australian and New Zealand Alexa skill developers. Keep an eye on this page over the coming months.

If you’re not based in Australia and New Zealand, check out our other promotions in:

United States    |    United Kingdom    |     Germany    |    Japan    |    France     |    Italy    |     Spain    |    Mexico    |    India


AWS Promotional Credits

You can build and host most Alexa skills for free using Amazon Web Services (AWS) promotional credits. 

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