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Alexa Voice Service

Launching Commercial Products with AVS

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When you integrate AVS into your products, you provide your customers with a magical embedded Alexa experience that enables them to control any Works with Amazon Alexa smart home device, access thousands of Alexa skills, play Flash Briefings, stream music and books, and more, using just their voice. You also become part of a growing community, and you’ll reach new customers looking to access Alexa in new ways in and out of the home.

Currently, commercial launch for all Alexa-enabled products in Japan is limited to invite-only. Device makers can reach out to their Amazon point of contact to learn how to get approval to publically launch Alexa-enabled products with regional language capabilities.

Launch Resources

Ready to bring your new Alexa-enabled product to market? We have developed a four-step process to help you test and launch your new device:

AVS Terms and Agreements

All device makers building Alexa-enabled products for commercial distribution must adhere to our terms and agreements.

See Terms and Agreements »

Follow Our Design Guidelines

Customers expect a familiar experience with Amazon Alexa. We’ve published a series of design guidelines and best practices to help you during the development and launch process. All device makers building Alexa-enabled products for commercial distribution must adhere to the Functional Design Guide.

Designing for AVS - Overview »

Functional Design Guide »

UX Design Guidelines »

Submit for Testing

Request our self-test checklists or submit your Alexa-enabled device to Amazon for further review. To provide your customers with streaming media access from Amazon Music, SiriusXM, TuneIn, iHeartRadio, Audible, and other third-party services on your commercial device, you will need to submit your product for music certification. If you do not want to provide media streaming services on your product, move on to the next step once you've completed the self-test checklists.

Review Product Testing Overview »

Submit your product for review »

Prepare for Marketing Review

Our marketing and brand guidelines provide you with an overview of how to integrate Amazon Alexa brand and messaging into your marketing, including packaging, promotional materials, and advertising. It also includes an overview of marketing recommendations and opportunities.

See Marketing and Brand Guidelines »

Manage Your Alexa-Enabled Product

We offer tools that make it easy to manage your Alexa-enabled product once it has launched, including an Analytics Dashboard and Product Capability settings. We continue to add new self-service tools that equip you with the knowledge to quickly update your product to support the latest features when available. You can see these features and many more in the AVS Developer Console.

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Start the launch process now and review our marketing and brand guidelines below: