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Alexa Voice Service

Building with AVS

Development Tools | Solution Providers

Get started with integrating Alexa into your connected products. With AVS, your product gains access to the growing number of Alexa capabilities, including feature updates, custom skills, and international availability. The AVS speech engines live in the cloud and are made available through public APIs. Amazon provides you with options for how to connect with our APIs and build Alexa-enabled products, whether with development tools like the AVS Device SDK and hardware reference solutions, or through AVS Solution Providers including Systems Integrators and Original Design Manufacturers.

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Developer Tools

AVS APIs and Device SDK

AVS provides programming interfaces, or APIs, that enable you to access our cloud-based voice service from your connected products. The AVS Device SDK is optimized to make it easier for commercial device makers to leverage the AVS APIs and build clients that handle core Alexa functionality.

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Development Kits

Development Kits for AVS are reference solutions for integrating Alexa directly into your commercial products. They include voice processing hardware and client software, helping you easily build voice-enabled products while reducing cost and accelerating the integration process.

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Solution Providers

Systems Integrators

Amazon works with select Systems Integrators (SIs) to help commercial device manufacturers bring new Alexa-enabled products to market. The Systems Integrators provide hardware modules, software, and services that accelerate the implementation, delivery, and support of Alexa-enabled products.

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Original Design Manufacturers

Amazon works with select Original Design Manufacturers (ODMs) to provide commercial device makers with a simplified Alexa integration path. The ODMs offer turnkey solutions and streamlined processes for designing, testing, and manufacturing Alexa-enabled products.

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