Complete Works with Alexa Certification

After Amazon certifies your product and approves a Works with Alexa (WWA) badge, you can add the badge to your marketing materials.

Certification completion status

After your product passes testing and achieves WWA certification, the certification status changes to Completed and the result changes to Approved. If you submitted a badge request for your Amazon Standard Identification Numbers (ASINs) and Amazon approved the request, they change the badge status to Enabled. Then, on the date you requested, Amazon places the badge on your product detail page on the Amazon retail website.

If you haven't submitted a badge request, you can request the WWA badge now. For details, see Request the Works with Alexa Badge.

Update your marketing materials

After your product receives WWA certification, you're eligible to use the WWA badge on product packaging and other marketing materials. You download the WWA badge from the resources section of the Alexa Certification Console. All marketing materials must comply with the guidelines listed under Works with Alexa Trademark Usage Guidelines and the Alexa Badges help pages.

To use the badge on marketing materials, prior to publication, submit your materials to for review.

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Last updated: Mar 26, 2024