About Alexa Smart Properties for Healthcare

Alexa Smart Properties for healthcare provides technologies that smart property solution integrators can use to deploy and manage Alexa devices in properties such as hospitals and skilled nursing facilities. It provides Alexa APIs for device fleet management for properties. You can use these APIs to build Alexa capabilities into management applications. These solutions enable property owners and managers to administer Alexa devices on their properties with ease.

For an overview of features and benefits, as well as how to sign up for the Alexa Smart Properties for healthcare program, see Alexa Smart Properties for healthcare.

Alexa Smart Properties for healthcare defines the following key concepts and terms:


An endpoint represents an Alexa-connected device (like an Echo device) with which an Alexa customer can interact. In Alexa Smart Properties for healthcare, you manage Alexa Echo devices as endpoints by using the Endpoint API. With this API, you can enumerate the endpoints owned by an Amazon Business account, view and change endpoint settings, associate endpoints with specific rooms, and query connectivity status of endpoints.


A unit represents a node in a hierarchy. A unit can represent an organization, a property, or a room. In Alexa Smart Properties, you create a hierarchy of units to model properties, and individual rooms. You can manage up to three levels of hierarchy in the Alexa Management Console and up to fifteen levels of hierarchy using the Property Hierarchy Management API.


A room represents a physical room in a property. Alexa devices and smart home appliances are installed in a room. Alexa endpoints (devices) and skills are associated with individual rooms. A room is a unit at the lowest level in your property hierarchy.


A property represents a physical property, such as a hospital or assisted living community. A property is typically a collection of rooms or groups of rooms. A property is a unit that is typically at the highest level in your property hierarchy just below the organization.


An organization represents a business entity under the Amazon Business account that's registered with Alexa Smart Properties.

Alexa Smart Properties for healthcare REST APIs

Alexa Smart Properties for healthcare provides the following APIs to manage the hierarchy of units, manage endpoints, and manage experiences on those endpoints within your organization.

REST API Description

Automation API

Enables you to specify operations for Alexa to automatically perform for users.

Communications API

Manages the enterprise communication experience.

Device Group Management API

Manages groups of devices that are associated with a unit.

Discovery Session API

Finds the endpoints associated with a unit.

Endpoint API

Manages endpoints registered to your Amazon Business account.

Event Messenger API

Enables you to subscribe to receive Alexa events.

Notifications API

Manages the enterprise notification experience.

Proactive Suggestion API

Displays suggestions on the home screen.

Property Hierarchy Management API

Manages properties and rooms.

Role API

Manages user permissions via roles.

Skill Management API

Manages skills.

Unit Settings API

Manages settings for units.

To get started with Alexa Smart Properties for healthcare APIs, see Get Started with Alexa Smart Properties for Healthcare APIs.

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Last updated: Aug 23, 2023