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November 17, 2014

Jesse Freeman

While Friday was our last day of re:invent, our booth was open during the entire conference.

A lot of work and planning goes into each of our booth setups and our re:invent one was by far our biggest. We used the opportunity to not only show of our hardware including the Fire phone, Fire tablet and Fire TV but to also highlight all of the great apps and games available in the Amazon Appstore. Our booth was broken up into three zones helping show off all that we have to offer developers interested in publishing to the Amazon Appstore.

Firefly Zone

At the main zone, we featured “every day” objects you can identify with our Firefly feature available on the Fire phone and the newest Fire tablet HDX 8.9.

With Firefly you can not only scan in real world objects to identify them but also identify numbers, addresses and even names from business cards and posters. Event better is that this API is available to developers to use as well. To learn more, check out this section on our dev portal.

Hardware Zone

At our next zone was the actual hardware, which allowed people to explore and play with our phone and tablets.

We demos all three of our new tablets, the HD 6, HD 7 and HDX 8.9. Each of these devices feature our latest Fire OS which is based on Android and people visiting our booth could not only play with the apps and games already installed but were invited to bring their own APKs and test how things run right there on the spot.

Fire TV Zone

Finally, our last zone was dedicated to Fire TV. This was one of our most heavily trafficked areas and the large HD TVs really showed off all of the great streaming videos, apps and games available to Fire TV customers.

Of course games like Flappy Bird Family, Asphalt 8, Badland, Worm Run, Gunslugs and many more were incredibly popular with those who stopped by for a quick gaming session.

The booth was a great success and it’s really great to offer attendees some hands on time with our hardware as well as offer a platform to showcase all of the great apps and games in the Amazon Appstore. Are you a developer with an app or game in the Amazon Appstore and looking to be featured in our next booth setup? If so, tweet us a link to your creation in the Amazon Appstore to @AmazonAppDev and we’ll take a look.

If you missed us at re:invent, make sure to check out the day one, two, and three summaries as well as the videos of each session when they get uploaded to YouTube in the next few days.

Now Is the Time to Submit Your Apps for Fire

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- Jesse Freeman (@jessefreeman)


November 12, 2014

David Isbitski

The sold out AWS re:Invent 2014 conference started yesterday and the Amazon Appstore team was on site to meet and help developers during the week.  We kicked off Tuesday by taking part in the AWS Hackathon and set up a gaming lounge for you to get hands on with the latest Amazon Fire device and games.  Tomorrow starts the Fire devices track so if you are looking for more in depth material on Fire OS devices be sure to stop on by. You can see a full list of tracks here.

AWS Hackathon Challenge

Over 100 developers came together the morning before the first Keynote for a great cause.  Developers worked with non-profits to help them solve some of their problems through IT Challenges – like building a web or mobile app, helping to make data more accessible, or creating an interactive web-based visualization for a charity’s website.

Teams formed early in the morning and then aligned themselves to four different challenges they could take on.  These challenges included building solutions for Nasa, Cancer Research UK, UN Global Pulse and Atrocity Watch.

Atrocity Watch Challenge

AtrocityWatch is an award-winning two-year-old organization dedicated to the use of Big Data for the prediction and prevention of atrocities. There is a whole community of humanitarians who have dedicated their lives to the prevention of atrocities, but the tools they have at their disposal are very limited. Atrocity Watch’s mission is to help humanitarians achieve their goals, and to keep people safe.

The developer challenge was to create a mobile computing solution which can help keep individuals safe through geofencing, crowdsourcing, threshold based alerts, and/or other means. Using public datasets, dev’s built a static or dynamic geofence that keeps people safe without revealing their location to the bad guys.

UN Global Pulse

UN Global Pulse’s mission is to identify “digital signals” which enable the UN to respond to emerging crises and changing social issues globally. Global Pulse is working to promote awareness of the opportunities Big Data presents for relief and development, forge public-private data sharing partnerships, generate high-impact analytical tools and approaches through its network of Pulse Labs, and drive broad adoption of useful innovations across the UN System.

The developer challenge was to create a tool that mines text data from open sources or data sets and social media to show how people around the world feel about a range of social issues ranging from health, to food prices, unemployment or the environment.

NASA JPL challenge

The Mars rovers Curiosity and Opportunity have been on the move capturing fantastic photos of the Red planet for years. The Mars image data repository, stored in Amazon’s S3, is updated daily, and holds all the images ever taken on Mars by the rovers.

The developer challenge was to build an application that identifies important features in these images, such as rover tracks, meteorites, and even the moons of Mars! All of the source data is publicly accessible to the world, making it ideal for building the coolest crowdsourcing application in the solar system.

CRUK challenge

Cancer Research UK is the world’s leading charity dedicated to beating cancer through research. It has saved millions of lives by discovering new ways to prevent, diagnose, and treat cancer; survival has doubled over the past 40 years. Race for Life is Cancer Research UK’s main fundraising event and has been running for the past 20 years.

The developer challenge was to design a highly innovative mobile registration application for the race. Poor mobile conversion is currently costing Cancer Research UK millions of dollars each year; an effortless mobile registration process would help correct this.

Figure 1 - Congrats to the winner of the AWSHackathon supporting NASA exploration of Mars

The hackathon did not require any previous experience and it was great to talk to developers from all over coming together for a really good cause!

Amazon Appstore Gaming Lounge

Looking to get some hands on experience with the latest Amazon Devices?  We have set up a full developer lounge this year complete with Fire TV stations, the latest Fire tablets and multiple Fire phones all on hand for you to play with.


Figure 2 - Amazon Appstore Gaming Lounge

If you are at the event be sure to stop on by booth #835 located on the Main Expo Floor halfway through the midway.  Look for the big gaming stations!  Our Developer Evangelists will be at the booth all week too offering help and guidance around submitting and monetizing your apps with the Amazon Appstore.

Figure 3 - Playing some Sonic on Fire TV

All attendees are eligible to take a spin on our “swag wheel” giving you a chance to win multiple prizes including tshirts and an Amazon Appstore nerf rocket.

Fire Device Track      

Don’t forget the Amazon Fire device track kicks off today!  Come learn from customers and Amazon experts how to create Fire phone, Fire TV and Kindle Fire apps. We’ll go into depth on how to create applications that react to customer actions with Fire phone’s Dynamic Perspective and Firefly technologies. You’ll also hear how to reach new audiences with Fire TV. Top mobile developers will share their tips on monetizing and you’ll get behind-the-scenes details from the Amazon engineers who build our technologies. You can see a full list of tracks here.

-Dave (@TheDaveDev)



October 23, 2013

Peter Heinrich

With just a few weeks remaining before AWS re:Invent in Las Vegas on November 12-15, sessions and speakers for the Mobile and Gaming track have been finalized. We have a lot of great content lined up, with a special emphasis on using Amazon services to simplify mobile development across platforms. This includes an entire session dedicated to high-level APIs for data synchronization, retaining players and increasing engagement, and modifying live apps in the wild without having to republish them (even across marketplaces).

Sourabh Ahuja, VP of Android and Cross-Platform Development at Glu Mobile, is one of the featured guest speakers. Focusing on the problem of syncing game data to the cloud, he will discuss the details of Whispersync for Games and how it is used in Glu products. He will share his experiences using the service with data that cannot be automatically merged, using code samples to illustrate how data conflicts can be resolved manually in those cases. He will also offer tips and tricks for using Whispersync with Unity3D.

Complementing the technical sessions, office hours will allow developers to meet one-on-one with Amazon engineers and solutions architects to address specific issues or discuss individual services in depth. Office hours will run throughout the conference, but we will also designate certain times when experts will be on-hand to answer questions about specific services. Use that schedule to connect with the engineer expert in your topic of interest, then dive deep into their area of expertise.

We will offer office hours dedicated to (among other subjects) In-App Purchasing, Mobile Ads, GameCircle, Whispersync for Games, A/B Testing, Amazon Maps, HTML5 Web App Distribution, and many more. The conference is almost sold out, so register now to reserve your place and guarantee access to great developer content and expert support.

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