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September 16, 2015

Corey Badcock

If you use the Amazon Mobile Ads API and build your app with Apple’s iOS 9 SDK (or Xcode7), the new iOS 9 App Transport Security (ATS) feature will affect your app’s ability to receive ads from the Amazon Mobile Ad Network.

The new App Transport Security feature prevents ads being served via non-secure HTTP, and by default it only allows HTTPS connections over TLSv1.2. There are other security requirements that you should be aware of such as new ciphers and certificates requirements – please see iOS 9 documentation.

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September 09, 2015

Corey Badcock

We are excited to announce that Amazon Cloud Drive has published its IFTTT channel. IFTTT stands for “If This Then That”, and it provides a simple way to automate interactions between your favorite apps. It connects two services together in a way that an action from one service triggers an action at another.

In order to create automations in IFTTT, you simply create what’s called a “Recipe”. Connect any of the available channels with Amazon Cloud Drive channel to create “Triggers,” which is the “If” part. Then,   have the corresponding “Actions,” the Then part. You can check out the Amazon Cloud Drive channel at IFTTT channels include a vast range including social media services, email, text message, GPS, electronic piggy banks and smart light bulbs.

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August 28, 2015

Corey Badcock

The launch of Amazon Underground was front and center this week, and we’ve seen a lot of excitement about apps and games that are #ActuallyFree. Amazon Underground customers will find 100% free versions of popular premium titles like Office Suite Professional 8 and Fruit Ninja and popular titles with in-app purchases like Frozen Free Fall, Star Wars Rebels: Recon Missions, Angry Birds Slingshot Stella, and many more.


Tom’s Guide wanted to see what all the fuss was about, so they tried out the Amazon Underground game Jetpack Joyride, and says “The real magic comes in the form of free in-app purchases” and “There is no limit on the number of in-app purchases you can make, and you can buy items repeatedly, depending on whether the app allows it. That’s a huge perk.” Some developers wonder: what’s the catch? There is no catch. An article on TechCrunch hits this home when it notes, “…the “actually free” program isn’t a one-off promotion and that the company is committed to this program.”

OK, so now you’re wondering: why is Amazon doing this? In an article on CNBC, mobile Analyst Jack Kent says, “By paying for the apps, Amazon is showing that the app store's role is part of a bigger strategy to drive users into its ecosystem”. Developers like Amazon Underground too. Alok Rodinhood Kejriwal, Co-Founder and CEO of Games2Win says, I believe Amazon Underground is a massive game changer for the Casual Gaming Business…” and then notes that Amazon Underground “…validates that 'time spent' is the most 'scalable, relevant and indexable' metric to reward mobile games consumption.”

VentureBeat thinks this is good for developers too, noting, If the new model takes off, it could provide an interesting path to revenues for companies that are struggling with microtransactions in the free-to-play business model, where players can get a game or app for free and then pay for in-app items.”. We agree. One of the most important objectives of this program is to help developers make more money.

Check out all the articles below.

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August 18, 2015

Corey Badcock

The Amazon Cloud Drive API provides a RESTful interface, and Android and iOS SDKs, for upload, download, manipulation, and organization of data in the cloud. You can use this API to integrate these services in your app and offer added flexibility to your users. Your app can provide direct access to their Cloud Drive storage and the content they keep there, as well as use it to preserve game settings, preferences, and other application state on their behalf. By doing this you can also add Unlimited Storage benefits to your app through Amazon Cloud Drive’s Unlimited Photos and Unlimited Everything storage plans.

Many app developers have already integrated support for Cloud Drive into their web, desktop and mobile products, including odrive. odrive helps Amazon Cloud Drive customers automatically sync folders on their desktop with their cloud storage account. We had a chance to sit down with Alex Teu, EVP for Partnerships, to discuss his company’s experience with supporting Amazon Cloud Drive in their product. 

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July 31, 2015

Corey Badcock

Being a great coder today requires many skills and habits beyond the code itself. The Code Writers Workshop is a one day event that tackles many of these areas through a series of talks, panels and lessons learned from some of industry's most successful developers. This event is intended for developers across languages and platforms with an interest in getting all they can out of the great profession of coding.

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July 22, 2015

Corey Badcock

If you've never published an app to the Amazon Appstore, now is the perfect time to join! Most Android apps just work on the Amazon Appstore, but it’s not always easy being the new guy.  That’s why for a limited time, we’re helping drive impressions and installs for developers that publish to the Amazon Appstore for the first time.

Publish your first app to the Amazon Appstore by August 16th, and we’ll provide you with a $100 promotional credit towards an ad campaign on Advertise Your App. Advertise Your App helps you promote your app to millions of users on Fire tablet wakescreens and mobile placements on the Amazon Mobile Ad Network. Ads are shown to users within the United States, depending on app compatibility.

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July 13, 2015

Corey Badcock

The Amazon Mobile Ad network is offering a limited time opportunity to earn a guaranteed $6 CPM for interstitial ads on qualifying apps*. All qualifying iOS and Android apps that integrate the Amazon Mobile Ads API and send the ad request for the first time on or after July 14, 2015 will receive a guaranteed $6 CPM on interstitial ads in September, October and November (up to 1 million impressions per app per month). Interstitial impressions served across all supported devices (iOS, Android, and Fire OS tablets and phones), supported countries (US, UK, Germany, France, Italy, Spain and Japan), and supported stores (Apple App Store, Google Play and Amazon Appstore) qualify.

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June 30, 2015

Corey Badcock

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June 04, 2015

Corey Badcock

In April, Amazon introduced Amazon Fire TV, and it quickly became the most wished for item by Prime members in 2014.  Amazon Fire TV, made it easier for customers to watch Netflix, Prime Instant Video, Hulu Plus, WatchESPN, and more on their big-screen TV, and brought photos, music, and games to the living room.  In October, we brought the same experience customers love about Amazon Fire TV—ease of use, great performance, and vast selection—to a smaller and even more affordable device - Fire TV Stick, which is the fastest-selling Amazon device ever.

This week, we announced that Amazon Fire TV has the fastest growing selection of any streaming media device. In just the last 3 months, Amazon has added over 600 channels, apps and games to the Amazon Fire TV platform—more than Roku and Apple TV in the same timeframe. Popular new titles include Popcornflix, Funny Or Die, GameFly, Candy Crush Saga, and Fox News. 

For developers, one of the most exciting prospects of publishing your game on Amazon Fire TV is that you can run Android games directly on the TV. If you are already building games for Android, you can use the same codebase you currently have, and make that game playable on Amazon Fire TV.

How to Optimize Your App or Game for Fire TV

While you may be familiar with targeting Android tablets and phones, there are a few things you need to consider for your app to run correctly on Amazon Fire TV.  Below is a quick round-up of some of the great content we’ve created since the device launched to help make the transition easy.

Responsive Game Design: Making Games that Scale Across Desktop, Mobile & TV

Gone are the days where you can make a game and publish it to a single platform and expect to be successful. Like any business that sells consumer products, you need to go where the people are. That means the games you make should run on a multitude of different platforms and accept any number of different input types. With that in mind I have outlined what I call “responsive game design,” which is modeled loosely after some of the core concepts of responsive web design. It’s also a framework that will help you think about enabling your games to scale across multiple platforms.  Click here to learn more.

10 Tips for Remote & Controller

If you’re porting an existing Android app to Fire TV, you have to add support for user input from the Amazon Fire TV remote and maybe the Amazon Fire game controller. Luckily, basic controller support is already built into Android.  You can leverage the Android input device APIs and the game controller API from the Amazon Fire TV SDK to get your game ready to publish in no time. Here are the top ten things you should do in order to get your game ready for Amazon Fire TV customers.

Tips for Getting Your Android Apps Looking Good on Fire TV

While you may be familiar with targeting Android tablets and phones, there are a few things you need to consider for your app to run correctly on Amazon Fire TV. This includes understanding the layout, dimensions and orientation of Amazon Fire TV views, changes to the user experience when interacting with a TV (10’ away on average), UI and navigation patterns, as well as some other TV-specific gotchas such as overscan and color reproduction.  Here are some practical tips to help you get your Android apps looking good on Fire TV.

Building Apps & Casual Games for Fire TV Stick

Fire TV Stick is one of the most affordable devices on the market for creating apps and casual games intended for the big screen. The best part is if you are already building for Android, Fire TV stick is another great platform to help grow your audience.  In this post we cover how to get started, optimizing for Fire TV Stick as well as the hardware/software differences between the Fire TV Stick and Fire TV to help make your apps and games run great on both devices.

Reaching New Android Customers with Xamarin & Amazon Fire TV

Xamarin is a cross platform development environment that leverages the power of the C# programming language and takes full advantage of native hardware acceleration. Xamarin includes a suite of tools that allow you to test, build, and analyze your apps across all of the major mobile platforms. Utilizing Xamarin you can now publish your own apps and games to all Amazon Fire devices. This includes Amazon Fire tablets, Amazon Fire phone, Amazon Fire TV and the recently announced Amazon Fire TV Stick.  Click here to learn how to get your app or game running on Fire TV using Xamarin.

Introducing the Web App Starter Kit for Fire TV

Fire TV and Fire TV Stick both support HTML5 web apps. The Web App Starter Kit for Fire TV is a new open source project intended to help developers get up to speed quickly creating a simple media-oriented app for this exciting new web platform. Features of the project include an example user interface designed for the 10-foot user experience, support for the Fire TV remote control, and sample components to create and customize a media app. You can learn more about the Web App Starter Kit for Fire TV here.


May 13, 2015

Corey Badcock

As the cost to acquire mobile users continues to rise, developers are starting to evaluate the quality of users they acquire via paid campaigns. Developers need to reach the right mobile users: those who will engage with an app and become loyal over the long term.

To help developers reach new users, we are excited to announce the launch of Advertise Your App with Amazon!  This advertising platform is exclusively available to Amazon mobile app developers. It’s simple, fast, and effective. Promote your app to millions of users on Fire tablet wakescreens and mobile placements on the Amazon Mobile Ad Network.

Amazon Reaches the Big Spenders Best

According to Newzoo, gamers using the Amazon Appstore are the most likely to spend money.  More specifically, 64% of mobile gamers that use the Amazon Appstore spend money on mobile games, versus 37% for Google Play. Amazon users are more likely to engage with your app and spend money, and Advertise Your App enables you to target new customers while driving the installs you need to grow your business.

When you launch an Advertise Your App campaign, your app can be merchandized on Fire tablet wakescreens and mobile placements on the Amazon Mobile Ad Network, enabling you to directly reach Android and Fire users.

Reduce Your Cost of Acquisition with Advertise Your App

To get early feedback on Advertise Your App, we conducted a beta with Amazon Appstore developers. Developers who participated in our beta program had this to say about using Advertise Your App:

We’ve seen the highest revenue per user on the Amazon platform…with an excellent CPI as low as $0.50 via Advertise Your App.”

- Majid Khosravi, Twimler

“Advertise Your App is the most cost effective, scalable solution to acquire the users I care most about!”

- Kevin Tydlacka, Kevin Tydlacka Apps

Ready to get started?

Create an Advertise Your App campaign in less than 90 seconds, and launch a campaign with as little as $100. And the best part? You only pay when a user clicks on one of your ads. For more information check out the following additional resources:



May 12, 2015

Corey Badcock

How will IoT play out in your ecosystem? Is HTML vs. Native still relevant? Are you using AWS, Azure or Google Cloud? Which are the hottest IoT verticals? These are some of the questions that our friends at VisionMobile address through their Developer Economics research, so take their quick survey and make your voice heard.

Participate in the 10-minute Developer Skill Census survey by June 5th and enter a draw to win prizes such as an Oculus Rift Dev Kit. A free chapter from one of VisionMobile’s premium paid reports will also be given immediately upon completion, taking a close look at app profits & costs. 

Now in its 9th edition, the Developer Economics research program tracks developer sentiment across platforms, revenues, apps, tools, APIs, segments and regions. This is the most ambitious developer survey to date, spanning across mobile, IoT, desktop and Cloud. The key insights from the survey will be given back to the community as a free download in late July.

Take the survey here:

May 08, 2015

Corey Badcock

Starting May 9th,the Amazon Appstore will be sponsoring a 2-day Hearthstone “Challengestone” Twitch tournament in partnership with top Hearthstone influencer @Reynad27 (236K followers, +20MM views).  The goal of this tournament will be to test players’ execution abilities and deck building skills.  The tournament will be casted by @nl_Kripp and @Artosis and include some of the top Hearthstone players from around the world: @Hyped, @Lifecoach, @Trump, @StrifeCro, @Kibler, @Xixo, @Chakki, and @Savjz.   The prize pool will be $3,000 with the 1st place winner earning $1,800.  In conjunction with the tournament, Amazon Appstore will be running an Amazon Coins promotion which will provide customers the ability to get more Card Packs in Hearthstone for the money they spend. For example, for $90, a Hearthstone player can get 106 Card Packs when they purchase through Amazon Appstore using Amazon Coins (vs. only 70 Card Packs when they purchase Card Packs through Google Play).

Tune into the Challengestone Tournament ( to find out more.

Inline image 1

Saturday May 9th 09:00 PDT / 11:00 CT / 12:00 EDT / 18:00 CEST: Deck building & Ro8



Sunday May 10th 09:00 PDT / 11:00 CT / 12:00 EDT / 18:00 CEST: Semi-finals & Finals



How Game Developers Reach New Customers with Twitch

Twitch is the largest live video platform and community for gamers with more than 100 million visitors per month. Twitch connects gamers around the world by allowing them to broadcast, watch, and chat from everywhere they play.  At GDC San Francisco, the Twitch team facilitated a session about how game developers are creating engaging experiences and reaching new customers via the Twitch platform. Watch this video to learn more.


May 05, 2015

Corey Badcock

Beginning March 9, the Amazon Appstore ran a $25,000 sweepstakes designed to encourage customers to download apps and games from the Amazon App for Android. To enter, customers simply had to fill out a brief form and then download any app or game – paid or free – from their Amazon App for Android Phones.


We’re excited to announce that Carlos G. from Broadlands, VA was selected as our grand prize winner.  Carlos has been an Amazon customer since 2010 and downloaded “World of Goo” to qualify for the sweepstakes.  When we asked Carlos what the first item he planned to buy was, he told us he wanted to " a nice camera for his wife - something she’d always wanted."

Reach New Customers with the Amazon App for Android

Text Box:

Millions of customers can find and download apps and games from the Amazon App for Android. These apps are merchandized and surfaced whenever customers search for relevant products, so consumers can find your app wherever they are in the Amazon shopping app. Plus, Amazon Appstore is preloaded on Fire devices, Blackberry 10 and millions of other Android devices, including HTC, LG, Motorola, and Samsung phones to name a few, as well as Samsung and LG tablets.



Ready to Submit Your App or Game?

For more information about getting started with the Amazon App for Android, Amazon Fire devices, or how to submit your game check out the following additional resources:

April 25, 2015

Corey Badcock

Earlier this week, BlackBerry announced that their newest Smartphone Leap will be available in the US and the UK, and the Amazon Appstore is preloaded on BlackBerry Leap. VentureBeat previewed Newzoo’s forthcoming report on the global games industry, noting that gaming will be a $91.5M global industry this year. And Fortune notes that watching other people play video games could soon be a billion dollar industry, with a fan base that will outstrip the NFL by 2017. Interested in learning how you can take advantage of the eSports opportunity? Check out this video that describes how game developers are creating engaging experiences and reaching new customers via the Twitch platform.

PhoneArena: BlackBerry Leap Now Shipping in the U.S. and U.K.

A little more than a week ago, we told you that the BlackBerry Leap was available for pre-orders in the U.K. Now, the latest smartphone from BlackBerry is shipping in the U.S. in addition to the U.K. The BlackBerry Leap also is equipped with the Amazon Appstore for your Android app shopping needs, along with BlackBerry World for apps written with BlackBerry in mind. Read more here.

VentureBeat: The Earth Will Spend $91.5B on Video Games This Year

The global gaming market will reach $91.5 billion this year, according to an upcoming report from research firm Newzoo. That will represent a 9.4 percent increase compared to 2014’s $83.6 billion. The report goes on to claim that China, already one of the biggest markets for gaming, is about to grow by around 23 percent this year. That could move it into first place, ahead of the United States, as the top country in terms of game-related spending.

Fortune: Watching Other People Play Video Games Could Soon be a Billion Dollar Industry

Could people enjoy watching video game competitions more than watching professional sports? Yes. One of the big differences between traditional sports leagues and eSports is the popularity of user-generated content via livestreams on Amazon-owned Twitch and YouTube videos.


April 17, 2015

Corey Badcock

Hearthstone fans can take advantage of exclusive deals from the Amazon Appstore, and with the new Free App of the Day bundle customers can get $105 worth of apps for free. And this week, BlackBerry announced the availability of Leap in the UK, which is preloaded with the Amazon Appstore, and Amazon Game Studios released ‘Lost Within’ on iOS and Fire devices. Check out the top Appstore stories from the past week below:

DroidGamers: Amazon Offering Sweet Deals for Hearthstone in Their Appstore

Hearthstone is a digital CCG from Blizzard, set within the World of Warcraft universe. Amazon has just announced a few things regarding this game. First, it's now available in the Amazon Appstore. Second, in celebration of this, they're offering some discounts relating to Hearthstone. First, Amazon coins can now be used for in app purchases, like booster packs for Hearthstone. Read more here.

ZDNet: BlackBerry Leap: Will This Touchscreen Smartphone Jump Onto Your Wishlist?

BlackBerry's latest handset, an affordable touchscreen smartphone aimed at young execs, has gone on sale in the UK. It runs the BlackBerry 10.3.1 operating system and the company said the 2800 mAh battery will provide up to 25 hours of heavy use. Users can download business and productivity apps from the BlackBerry World app store and games and other apps from the Amazon Appstore. Read more here.

Tech Times: Amazon App Store Giving Away Free Games and Apps Worth $105

Amazon is giving away $105 worth of premium apps, and all that's required to own the software is a free account to manage it all. To download and use the apps in Amazon's Free App of the Day Bundle, consumers will have to install the Amazon App Store. After that, it's only a matter of selecting each of the desired apps. Read more here.

AdWeek: Amazon Game Studios Unleashes Lost Within on iOS, Fire Devices

Proving that nothing positive ever comes from abandoned asylums, Amazon Game Studios has announced the launch of Lost Within on Amazon Fire and iOS devices. Developed by Human Head Studios, developer of Prey, the first-person survival game sees players investigating the halls of an apparently abandoned mental institution, set for demolition. As the game’s title suggests, players are quickly lost within its many corridors, and will uncover the asylum’s demented secrets as they search for a way out. Read more here.


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