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Amazon Appstore on Windows 11

Expand your app's reach into the hundreds of millions.

Amazon Appstore on Windows 11 is in developer preview.  Read the blog to learn more. 

Amazon Appstore is available on Windows 11 devices in 31 countries across nine marketplaces - US, Japan, the United Kingdom, France, Italy, Spain, Canada, Australia, and Germany. Users can install the Amazon Appstore Android client through the Microsoft store to access over 50,000 apps, with additional apps added as Amazon continues to work towards new feature enhancements.

Appstore in Windows 11

Preparing apps for Windows devices

Review the resources for building and testing apps in the Windows Subsystem for AndroidTM (WSA). 

There are WSA-specific considerations for providing the best user experience in the new desktop form factor:

Windows Subsystem for Android

Windows Subsystem for Android™️ (WSA) enables Windows 11 devices to run Android applications that are available in the Amazon Appstore.

Compatibility guide

Guidance for making apps compatible with WSA for new and existing developers. Learn more

Developer mode

Enable developer mode in Windows Settings to test and debug apps. Learn more.

Upcoming releases

WSA is based on Android 12.1. For the latest feature updates, see Microsoft's release notes.

Stay up to date

Amazon Appstore on Windows 11 is currently in developer preview. Sign up below to be notified about program updates and expansions. 


Frequently asked questions

If you are new to the Amazon Appstore, first create a new Amazon Developer Account. Before submitting your app, review our pre-submission checklist and the considerations for Windows devices. After creating your app, Contact Us to join expanded developer preview (please provide your App ID found in the Developer Console).

If you are an existing Amazon Appstore developer, Contact Us to join expanded developer preview (please provide your App ID found in the Developer Console). After submitting your app, monitor your submission through the ‘Review Status’ tab on the Developer Portal. 

Developer preview provides Amazon Appstore developers with the opportunity to bring their apps to Windows 11 - where you can reach hundreds of millions of new potential customers. 

Leading up to developer preview we worked with MSFT to mature Windows Subsystem for AndroidTM(WSA) features. The initial 50,000 plus apps available today already had the features enabled and worked on WSA.

To verify your apps status on Windows 11, first sign in to the Amazon Developer Portal. Go to the App Information tab and click on the View link for your APK. If “Windows Devices” is toggled on, your app is included in developer preview.

If you find your app is not part of launch selection, Contact Us to join developer preview (please provide your App ID found in the Developer Console).

Our technical documentation will guide you through the steps to make sure your app is compatible with Windows 11.

Microsoft has designed the Windows Subsystem for Android™ (WSA) that powers the Amazon Appstore and its catalog. WSA includes the Linux kernel and the Android OS based on the Android Open Source Project (AOSP). Windows Subsystem for Android™ runs in a Hyper-V Virtual Machine, similar to the Windows Subsystem for Linux, which understands how to map the runtime and APIs of Android apps in the AOSP environment to the Windows graphic layer, input modes and more.

Find Windows 11 specs, features, and computer requirements here. 

The Amazon Appstore is available to Windows customers in these marketplaces/countries. If you are based outside of these countries, it will not restrict you from participating in the developer preview.

Visit the Installing the Amazon Appstore section on this troubleshooting page to help you install the Amazon Appstore on your device.

If you encounter issues with WSA, the process to provide feedback is outlined here. All feedback helps Microsoft improve and shape your future experience. If you have issues specific to the Amazon Appstore developer portal, please Contact Us.